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Wine Tasting Winner

 15th Sep 2013


In classic GHC style, an idea made its way from conception to social event and a good time was had by all. Two bottles of red and two bottles of white were covered up and the blind tasting began. There was tough competition as the 'contestants' made their way through Angela's cleverly designed quiz.

Our Head Coach-turned-Sommelier for the evening, Jenno, helped many a member put their taste buds to the test  trying to tell their Pinot Noir from their Merlot. And was that an Italian grape or a French one? The ultimate challenge was to spot the cheapo £4 bottle from the more complex £13 bottle.

All of those years of practice came in handy for Christophe Boulanger who scored a perfect 10/10. He won a bottle of 'Wine D,' the Rioja (Tempranillo grape) which also happened to be the most expensive! For those who may need a bit more practice, the other red was a Chilean Merlot, with the 2 whites being Italian Pinot Grigio and a French Viognier.

Many thanks to Angela Thompson and Jenno for rising to the occasion and making such a nice event during the Junior training sessions.

Make sure you don't miss your next social event at the Club...Race Night coming soon!


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