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Under 18 Girls
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Under 16 Boys
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Under 16 Girls
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Girls U16 EH Cup T1
Mixed - Men and Women
Girls U16 EH Cup T1 - 2017/18
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Girls U16 EH Cup T2 - 2017/18
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Under 14 Boys
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Girls U14 Fire
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Girls U14 Ice
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Girls U14 Shadows
PREVIOUS VERSIONS - Skills Camps - Old Pages for Reference
Girls U14 Smoke
Skills Camps: 28-29 May 2019 - Book Now! - Copy
Girls U14 Breeze
Skills Camps -Dec - Jan - Book Now! - Copy
Girls U14 EH Cup T1
Skills Camps - 6-7-8 August 2018 - Book Now!
Girls U14 EH Cup T2
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Under 12 Boys
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Boys U12 7s
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Girls U12 Shadows
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Girls U12 Whirlwind
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Girls U12 Storm
Skills Camps - February Half Term 2018 - Book Now
Girls U12 7s-3
Skills Camps - May Half term 2018 with Ashley Jackson - Book Now - Copy
Girls U12 7s Festivals
Skills Camps - 22-23 October - Book Now! - Copy
Under 12 Girls - Copy - 2018/19
Spring Skills Sessions Friday Evenings From 21 April
Under 10 Boys
Spring Skills Sessions Friday Evenings From 21 April - Book Here - Copy
Under 10 Girls
Junior Skills Camps Information - Copy
Under 8 Mixed
October 2016 Half-term Course Booking Form - Book Now! - Copy
February 2017 Half-term Course Booking Form - Book Now!
Barcelona Tour Reports
Thank You for Booking for the February 2017 Camp
Barcelona 2016 Tour Consent Form
Indoor Course Booking - 19, 20 December 2016
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Barcelona Tour 2016
Outfield Junior Skills Courses
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Club Vision and Organisation
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Holiday and Half-term Skills Courses
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July - Skills and SAQ Sessions
2-Day Skills Courses U10 to U16 - Copy
Club News
2-Day Skills Courses U10 to U16
Registration & Subs - 2019/20
Intensive 14+ Performance Courses
Registration & Subs - Adults
April Goalkeeping Courses
Registration & Subs - Juniors
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Registration 2019/20 Season
PREVIOUS VERSIONS - Registrations - old pages for ref and re-use
PREVIOUS VERSIONS Registrations - Old Pages for Reference and Re-use
Registration & Subs - 2018/19
Registration 2018/19 Season - Copy
Registration & Subs - Adults
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Juniors Playing Adult Hockey
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PREVIOUS VERSIONS - Juniors Adults - Old pages for reference and re-use
Registration & Subs - 2016/17 - Old
X Consent Form 2015/16 for Juniors to Train & Play with Adults
Registration & Subs - Adults - Old
Consent to Train & Play with Adults - Copy
Registration & Subs - Juniors - Old
Coaches' Area
Registration- Back to Hockey - Old
Training Times
Training Times
Training Times 2015/16
Safeguarding Policies
Safeguarding Children
Online Safeguarding Course
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Welfare Reporting Procedures
Barcelona 2019 Tour Info and Forms
First Aid Procedures
Form 1: Player Details and Consent 2019
EH Concussion Policy
Form 2: Coaches and Helpers 2019
Hockey Resources
Form 3: Accompanying Parents 2019
Get Involved
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Rules of Hockey
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Awards and Trophies
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Presidents Message
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Form 3: Accompanying Parents
AGM 2019
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AGM 2018
Parent Form 2018 Submitted
Barcelona 2017 Tour Info and Forms - Copy
Club History
Form 1: Player Details and Consent - Copy
Form 2: Coaches/Helpers who are on pre-paid flights - Copy
PREVIOUS VERSIONS - Old Partner Pages for ref and re-use
Form 3: Accompanying Parents who have purchased own flights - Copy
Partners - 2016/17
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England Hockey Championships
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Under 18 Boys
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