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Annual Membership and Match Fees

As we gain further clarity on the EH Return to Play process and as training commences we will send out requests for payment of annual memberships through Teamo, whereupon you will be able to make payment online.

Detailed information relating to expected payments is below. For the latest information from England Hockey, check our Covid-19 webpage.


Adult Subscription and Match Fees 2021/22

Please note new subs and match fees were voted by the membership during AGM 2021 in June - we are working hard to keep subs levels the same for the coming season and are hoping to include more discounts for keepers.

Playing Member Subscription Fees

Adult subs are £250 for the season but with a £210 price point for 24-30 year olds and £170 price point for 18-23 year olds.

£60 discount is available to:

  • New & rejoining players (anyone who was not a member in 2020/21)
  • Full time students
  • Unemployed i.e. claiming jobseekers allowance
  • Other hardship cases (please apply to the Club Treasurer, details below)


Goalkeepers with their own kit also benefit from reduced subs fees.

£30 rebate is available for existing members who introduce a new member to the club, payable on receipt of the new member's subscription. (£20 rebate for each subsequent new member introduced in the season.)

Playing Member Match Fees

Adult match fees are payable by individual:

  •  £10 per adult
  •  £5 for Under 18
  •  £5 for full-time students, unemployed and other hardship cases

£20 match fee will be levied on occasional players who do not hold a GHC subscription, to a maximum of 5 matches, after which the full subscription becomes due.

Non-Playing Member Subscription Fees

Adult social membership is £20.


Payments - How to Pay

Teamo supports our membership database and is a convenient and secure payment mechanism for which GHC pays an annual fee and incurs a % charge for every transaction. It is GHC's preferred payment method as it minimises the time Club Volunteers spend on administration and maximises their efforts on the delivery of GHC Social and Coaching activities - please use online payment through Teamo.

If members are unable or unwilling to use the online payment facility, it is possible to pay by electronic fund transfers using BACS (details below). Please use your name as a reference and notify by email Mark Lenel (Treasurer) to allow him to record your payment. Cheques can no longer be accepted.

  • 40-22-26
  • 7265 1637

If you prefer to pay by standing order, please email our treasurer, 

or phone 07790 023570.

Thank you and enjoy the season!


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