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Keep Calm and Click

 4th Sep 2013

Keep CalmYou are going to have so much fun looking at our new GHC website that you may forget to go to training!

More seriously, please do have a good look at our new website which was developed with and is hosted by Digital Marketing and Web Design Specialists, Intergage. GHC First XI team player Duncan Marsh is the Director of Design & Build at Intergage and helped make the process smooth from the start. Duncan helped us make sure that the offer was the right one for the Club and used his experience as a designer and hockey player to help us get the look and feel we thought would most benefit GHC.

There was a lot of bandwidth going between Melinda (who took over Marketing and Communications for the Club in July) and Duncan’s email addresses these past few weeks finalising structure, choosing photos and writing content. Mention must be made also of Jeremy Holt who helped review the logic and structure of the site to help make sure we got it right.

The website is certainly not final ­ there are a few things we haven’t shown you yet that will start appearing in the weeks to come. And more and more content will be added.

We do think that all of the information you need to be a happy member of the Club is on the site and we encourage everyone to start using the site to get their regular information online. Email will still be very useful and we hope that emails will increasingly include links to the relevant website pages. Please start creating the habit of checking the website for all of your GHC information needs and more.

A great website starts with a great design, but it doesn’t end there. It needs fresh information every week. We will be looking for people to submit news stories, match reports, photos, alerts for upcoming events and more. With some minimal instructions, Captains and Squad Managers will be able to post on their team/squad pages ­ who will have the nicest team page by December?

Please do let us know your thoughts and suggestions.

Intergage is also a Club sponsor. If you are looking for a web partner, you just have a look at our GHC site to know that you should consider talking them about your project.

Finally, a hint for the click-shy amongst you ­ it can’t go badly wrong, just click. There are lots of interesting things that you wouldn’t think you could click, but do try. And if you get lost, click on the GHC logo to bring you back HOME.

Enjoy our new website! Enjoy our Club!


GHC Logo full colour final

Thank you to our Partners