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A top of the table clash with a less than perfect start: Tim nowhere to be seen, and most of the talk of Woking strengths...

There seems to be a  theme developing this season whereby when we lend players to the opposition, they play their socks off and Gould/Tonks were no exception when playing for South Berks (ex Wokingham/Bracknell).

It was going to be a difficult match against yet another very strong opposition, compounded by a distinct shortage of availability. The game began and after a few minutes of even back-and-forth a short corner was conceded. The drag flick was hard and accurate into the top corner. It was later found out that the player used to be some child prodigy who had taken several years before coming back to the game...

This week whilst we await the distilled thoughts of Chris Gould (on last week's game) we are privileged to receive two spontaneous accounts (thank you Geoff and Brent) and whilst they are clearly written by a maths teacher and a statistician, therefore devoid of literary references, they are closer to reality...

20161030-Mens4sTeamThe match started scrappily for Guildford with Reigate applying pressure early in the first half. However, after 5 minutes of sustained pressure, Guildford turned the tables on their opponents and scored the first goal of the game, ending with Adam's first goal.

Following Stephen 'two-names-when-one-would-do's match report last week I have decided to revert to plain modern English rather than accept the challenge of writing in Latin, old Norse, or the language of the hood - rap.

'Twas brillig, and the slithy Gondos did gyre and gimble on the astro.

All mimsy were the oppo, and our game outgrabe...

Yes, it was a victory despite the lack of an umpire and goalie. Geoff scored one of the goals and Nigel did not, and whilst every victory should be cherished, it was against the background of Havant's recent double digit losses against Oxford and Oxted. It was an old fashioned hard astro, rarely used these days, on top of the cliffs above Portsmouth.

The weather treated us kindly on this Saturday mid day push back for which all 12/13 Shadows players turned up on time. With a very thorough warm up on an ice rink disguised as a tennis court we were ready for the duel to commence on yet another sandy surface with small areas of astro-turf showing through.

Shadows20161008-7I'll start by saying that there was a draw for DoD between Copeland and myself. He thought I should write the report as he scored, however, I have scored double the goals he has this season!  Anyway on to the report itself...

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