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Ladies' 6s in Thrilling 0-0 Draw (really)

 1st Feb 2020

20191116-L6TeamOn the face of it a 0-0 draw doesn't sound much to write about but this was a tough end-to-end thriller from the first whistle. 

On our first meeting this season, Old Georgians had been faster, stronger and generally in charge of the game, winning 5-0.

So, initially they were dominating us again, but we woke up in time and remembered the golden rules - keep the ball in our team and don't get caught twiddling with the ball!

Our passing improved immediately and soon we were meeting every OG's attack with strong defence and then putting some aggressive passing moves together to attack their goal - which did not go down well with a few of their players. 

We had some short corners which they defended well and some breakthrough moves leading to three 1-v-1's with the goalie, but she was up to the task and all of our shots went wide of the goal.

In our own goal, Sabrina had a fantastic game making numerous close saves from short corners and kicking the ball out of danger.

The defensive group of Helena, Eloise and Tash, lead by Hollie, hassled, marked and thwarted the OG's forwards all game, making good attacking passes to a combination of Leanna, Eve and Robyn in midfield.

Cathy, Eloise, Imi and Juliet provided great opportunities to the mids to make attacking passes, leading to attempts on goal, short corners and several near misses. Terrier-like qualities were spotted all over the pitch as no OG's player or 50:50 balls were left unchallenged! 

Everyone contributed massively to a game that could have gone either way - perhaps in the end a draw was a fair outcome to a great game that kept all the spectators glued to the final whistle. Special thanks to Sarah who came as a supporter.

Great game, ladies - I suspect we all slept well!



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