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Gondos In Epic Rain v Epsom

 26th Oct 2019

20191130-MensGondosTeam The Gondoliers tried to appease the Rain Gods by fielding a team with 4 Nicks (Kuhle, Winn, Mowat and Surname Unknown). This tactic failed and the Rain Gods expressed their wrath and threw gallons of water at the drenched teams. The pristine blue pitch was happily restoring itself to its true destiny as a swimming pool.


The Gondos held a fast attacking Vagabonds team in the first half despite Dave Dickson limping off the pitch with a catalogue of injuries. He had valiantly thrown himself into a tackle only to tumble spectacularly into a final heap, saved only by the snorkel he was wearing otherwise he may have drowned. Our deputising keeper (one of the ‘Nicks’) stood tall and made numerous saves. Fluffed Gondo’s attacks brought no result despite Nick Kuhle hitting the post.


The second half started in the same vein with Keeper Nick repulsing their attacks. The Vagabond’s Carlos Fandango kept the defence busy on marauding solo attacks with Tim resorting to extremely close marking with good effect. Carlos tried some spectacular solo goals including a lob over Keeper Nick which thankfully bounced off the cross bar. We all watched in awe as the ball looped over Keeper Nick.


Eventually an Epsom short corner bobbled over the line. This was the opening of the flood gates that Epsom had been looking for and more goals followed. By now the flood gates had opened in the heavens and the rain came down in torrents.


The Gondos mounted spirited attacks without much effect until Nick Mowat (playing at left wing) found himself near the goal. Once again a kindly keeper conspired to pass the ball to him and a reverse stick sweep under the keeper resulted in the Gondo’s solitary goal.


So a wet Saturday afternoon against one of the top 3 teams in the league is best forgotten. A touch game against Woking (another top 3 team) awaits – let’s just hope the Rain Gods have had their fill of drenching the Gondos?


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