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Ladies 6s First Ever Match is a 5-2 Win!

 5th Oct 2019

A bit of chaos to start the season off with a bang: first we had 12, then 11, then 10 players - no goalie. A minor point!  We get to Sunbury and whoops - only 9 players after all...

Steely determination was required and despite a bit of an unsteady start and Sunbury scoring twice, it didn't feel like the game was unwinable (is that a word even?).

Lleana got the score back to 2:1 and then 5 mins before half time another troop member arrived in the shape of Maggs.

10 players, no problem - the game was ours!

And then a valiant home spectator offered to go in goal and Boom! - a full team for the second half! 

A couple of short corners later we were 3:2 up and totally dominating the game. Never mind it was the first time we had all played together - everyone worked for each other, all those young legs ran all over the pitch - as did quite a few of the older ones too - some fitness work is evident!

Maggs did her usual 'shouty' thing from the back, newcomer Hollie swept up everything loose, Sarah marked their right attack, likewise Helena on their left. Rosie (welcome back!) commanded the midfield, ably assisted by Robyn and Emma and up front Juliet, Becks and Lleana made it very hard for the defence. 

I lost count of the times we won the ball back from their hitout - Juliet ripping the ball away from their defender.  A fabulous pass from Emma to Rosie and then to Lleana resulted in another goal, and finally Becks forced a 5th over the line.

With 4 players in their debut senior league game it was a brilliant start for our first ever 6th team at Guildford.  A well deserved result, ladies - see you on Wednesday. Thank you to the mums who drove and supported too. 


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