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Gondoliers v Handbags 2:1

 14th Sep 2019

20191130-MensGondosTeam An inaugural game for the Gondos on the dazzlingly blue pitch 1 saw us/them (delete depending on who you were playing for) take on a flamboyant Handbags side of mercenaries...



Blue is the colour, football, hockey, is the game
We're all together and winning is our aim
So cheer us on through the sun and rain
Cos Gondos, Gondos is our name.


The new pitch looked stunning but in truth will need to bed in with bobbles and bounces all over the place and the suitably experienced veterans on both side resorting to old-style grass techniques. Getting everything in the way of the ball helped. A stickiness also contributed to a few problems.

An evenly matched game with moments of great hockey from both sides and moments of abject ordinariness! Tony (Worthing) had numerous half chances which left him suitably embarrassed.

The Gondos took the lead from a shortie with Tom’s shot sailing miraculously through the legs of the correspondent and the ever fruity Chief Handbag, John Ingram-Marriott. The Handbags pushed further up the pitch leading to a well worked goal put home by Adrian “aka Boomer “ (Worthing).

Genie Ross umpired valiantly on her own and controlled the game nicely, imposing her own brand of authority. I think she secretly loves to be surrounded by panting veterans?

Moments before the end of the game a Handbags' foot led to a shortie which was eventually fumbled over the line. The pull trickling over milliseconds before the end.

A great match in balmy weather and much banter in the bar afterwards. What’s not to like?


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