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GU12 Storm in 9 Goal Thriller

 14th Apr 2019

20190407-GU12-StormWOW! is all I can say. What a very exciting match to watch. 


The first quarter, it seemed, we used to warm up. However, much of the play was down our end.

Woking would then get a break and get a goal, we ended up being down 1-4 in the 3rd quarter but we were fired up and ready to take them on.

Each and every girl put in 150% effort wherever they were playing to help the team get to 2-4, 3-4, 3-5 and then 4-5.

We then had the ball in their D ready to shoot when the whistle was blown.

I am so proud of how the girls played, they were not relying solely on small passes but driving the balls up the wings, using 1-2s and shooting when they had the chance.

Coach: Sophie Sherman

Team: Tilly, Lara, Evie, Immy, Olivia, Anouk, Ellie, Susannah, Florence

  • Olivia: our steadfast back clearing and tackling until she had the ball back also running up on one free pass that led into their D with shots at their goal.


  • Ellie: learned quickly how to move with her other back whether it be Olivia or Susannah, supporting and tackling and some beautiful clears directly to the wings.


  • Tilly: as I tell her every time "use those strong legs", well today she did! So many fast and long runs driving up not just the wings but everywhere.


  • Immy: some fantastic feeds to the wings, chasing their players until she tackled them and using her eyes to play some fab short passes but also those really long ones she does so well!


  • Lara: some great positioning on the wing, knowing when to move up or down, but her tackling was excellent!


  • Evie: had a solid performance of feeding the ball left and fight, passing the ball to our players sticks, she didn't stop and at times had to play back, never giving up with those terrier tackles, up front she was on those rebounds until she finally scored her goal.


  • Florence: having asked Flo to play at 200% she did, scoring 2 goals of our 4, she didn't stop tackling or trying to retrieve the ball if she lost it, it paid off.


  • Susannah: she played all over, but her strength today was at the back listening to the calls, guiding her passes and some fantastic runs up the wing, one which led to a goal!


  • Anouk: what can I say? she deserved player of the match! Anouk must have saved 70 shots! she was nimble, very stretchy and saved SO many goals!!



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