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GU12 Shadows Score Big At Woking

 27th Jan 2019

A depleted Guildford Shadows squad of seven ventured to Woking on Sunday to take on the Woking Imps. With no substitutes, Guildford Shadows put on a mighty performance during four 15 minutes quarters and conquered the Imps 10-3 in a game that showed great team work, skill and sheer determination.

In the first 5 minutes the Shadows were awarded a penalty corner. Ella provided a strong, accurate injection to Eliza, who stopped it dead and fired it into the goal. Text book short corner! With Woking’s push back Shadows quickly regained controlled and after some good activity down the left wing, a pass from Ella to Caitlyn resulted in the second goal.  Woking fought back and after some great saves by Anouk managed the opposition managed to sneak one past her. 2-1.

In the second quarter the Shadows went from strength to strength. Gemma and Katie were made to work hard in defence by Woking but they remained calm and produced some fantastic clearances. Martha then produced a lovely goal from the right. Woking tired hard to break through the defensive wall of Gemma and Katie again but had no luck and our 4th goal game from a lovely pass from Katie to Martha on to Eliza and then to Caitlyn who found the back of the goal. This was followed pretty quickly by another goal from Caitlyn. 5-1.

The 3rd quarter commenced, and Woking were determined to strike back. With their subs in place and the team feeling re-energised they scored a well deserved 2nd goal bringing the score to 5-2.  As the quarter continued Shadows consistently used the width of the pitch driving the ball down the wing and via some great cross pitch passes found either Eliza, Caitlyn or Martha who fired the ball into the goal. 8-2.

Gemma, Ella and Katie continued to work hard keeping Woking at bay but Woking never gave up or tired and successfully secured another goal at the start of the 4th quarter. 8-3. The last two goals came from Martha and Eliza who had no problem finding the goal. 

Shadows played an hour of hockey with no subs. They consistently used their wings, passed well, produced accurate shots on goal and worked as a team.  It was a fantastic team performance, well done and a pleasure to watch as a coach from the side line. 

Woking awarded a very well deserved “Player of the Match” to Gemma who worked like her life depended on it for the entire duration of the game.

End result 10-3 to Guildford.



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