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Shadows Bring Home the Three Points

 26th Jan 2019

20181020-ShadowsTeam-crop3The Shadows descended on Broadwater for the primetime evening fixture under lights...

A slight delay to PB wasn't enough to disrupt the Shadows juggernaut in 2019 though, and early pressure resulted in a goal from lone striker Tom Lyne.

The severe shortage of regular centrebacks was not immediately noticeable as Powell and Cheng dampened down the preciding flurry of attacks from Camberley.

Calm play from Scott, (and the Umpires) despite provocation, led to another goal, this time from Tim Wright, enjoying a resurgence on the right wing.

After half time things got a little hazy, suffice it to say. We scored again, and again (disallowed). They scored 2, but the Shadows held out to claim the 3 points and continue an unbeaten run of 4 games. Final score 3-2.



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