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Gondoliers Edge a Win v Oxford

 3rd Nov 2018

20180916-GondoliersOn arrival at Broadwater today there was a worried look on our Captain's face as he realised that we were looking light on numbers. We were down to eight against an Oxford Hawks eleven. Geoff Tonks had apparently broken down en route, Windsor Lewis thought that rugby was more important, JT has a bad back, Mullins ? The omens didn’t look good.


Our captain Tom worked hard to convince Mark Lenel and Mark Edwards to forget about their 4 o’clock pushbacks with the Pilgrims and join our ranks which was very welcome but still only took us up to 10.

Guildford started well and after 20 minutes went ahead with a well worked short corner routine finished off by Kuhle. Unfortunately this was followed quickly by an equaliser from Oxford. The game was very evenly matched, made more so when Oxford's centre forward hobbled off with an injury. It was now 10 men against 10.

There was the usual off-the-ball antics from their defender Jonsey who lets Oxford and the whole league down with his reckless shoulder barges and trips off the ball and for a change even had an altercation with the badger Kuhle who was having none of it.

At half time it was decided to try and bring Mark Edwards more into the game to play a central role at the top of the diamond and this presented more problems for Oxford resulting in Lenel putting away Guildford's second Goal. Oxford's goalkeeper put in some great saves.

At 2-1 up Oxford pressed harder and pressure was on Guildford to hang onto the match. Mention must be made of Adsell’s glorious save off the line and a great defensive effort from all involved to keep Oxford out. 

It was with great relief when the final whistle blew and a jubilant Guildford took to the bar to celebrate their 2-1 victory and to watch the 1st XI winning 7-1 against Staines. 

Hopefully JT’s match report of last weeks stunning victory will surface soon -this is what happens when you start working a reduced week you lose all sense of timing etc.


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