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GU12s Flames, Shadows and Storm Tame the Dragons

 28th Oct 2018

The Under 12 Girls Flames, Shadows and Storm were all playing osme fabulous games against Old Georgians Dragons on Sunday...


Guildford Flames v Dragons

The Guildford Flames really did live up to their name on Sunday with three sizzling performances against a normally strong Dragons. In their 3 games the girls scored 12 goals and conceded only 1, which was a very well worked penalty corner routine.

Tabbie in goal was a spectator for much of the morning but kept herself warm by directing her defenders and making incisive comments between games. We kept the defence of Emily and Holly the same throughout, and I was pleased to see them start to move the ball around the back and look for space from 16s.

Isla, Rosie, Martha and Ottalie worked tirelessly in midfield to support Liza who held a great high position up front, and occasionally took a turn in attack to give Liza a break. The girls moved the ball early and used the width well to score some excellent team goals in all three games. If they keep this standard of hockey up then they will be a very hard team to beat in the season ahead.

Coach: Libby Leadbeater

Team: Tabitha B, Holly B, Emily W, Rosie L, Martha R, Isla J, Liza S, Ottalie T.


Guildford Shadows v Dragons

A great few games today;

  • Shadows v Dragons 2: 7-0 (Katie 3, Evie 2, Ella 1, Amelie 1)
  • Shadows V Dragons 1 : 1-1 (Katie 1, Evie 1)
  • Shadows v Flames: 1-1 (Evie 1)

The girls had some great team work today, communication was heard, passes were short, sharp and accurate, some great interceptions and fast runs down the line.

Coach: Sophie Sherman

Squad: Evie S, Ella S, Amelie D, Jemima F, Caitlyn D, Gemma M, Grace J (GK), Katie A.


Guildford Storm v Dragons

With Team Storm not involved in the starting line out we had plenty of time to talk about strategy and prepare ourselves for our first match against the Dragon B team. The girls started strongly. I was pleased to see that our discussions prior to the match had been taken on board.

Our first goal came about 4 minutes into the game from a lovely left-hand cross from Caitlyn, which was pushed around the D for a small amount of time before Lola fired it into the goal. Dragons were suddenly on the back foot and we made the most of it with Lola and Caitlyn proceeding to score another goal each taking the score to a very satisfactory 3-0 win.

The girls played their balls wide using both wings consistently. Caitlyn and Evie facilitated some fantastic drives down to the D where Lara was on hand to have a crack at goal. Lola was instrumental in changing the direction of play and ensuring that the ball remained wide.

Tallulah with the support of Imogen were a force to be reckoned with, letting very little get past them. Tilly and Molly may have started as subs but once on the pitch they were a pivotal part of the team, showing their ability to play in multiple positions and constantly displaying such energy and determination. What a fantastic team performance.

Our second game was against the Dragon’s A team. Although we started strongly, a Dragon interception lead to a quick goal, which put Team Storm 1-0 down. This Dragon team were stronger in defence and quicker in attack however at no point did Storm look like the underdogs, they quickly went on the attack and after a short corner and many attempts at goal Lara scored a lovely goal making the score 1-1.

The girls needed to work hard to prevent Dragons from scoring again and they united as a team and did exactly that. Tallulah was very effective in the centre defending one moment and supporting the attackers the next. Tilly produced some great runs down the left wing and on the odd occasion when she was successfully tackled she followed the ball and won it back. The girls should be very proud of their 1-1 drawn.

Our final game was against the Guildford Shadows, which ended in a 1-1 draw. It was a fantastic game to watch as both teams showed total commitment and determination in their drive to beat each other. What was also great was that both teams played exactly how we have coached them to play.

There were a few times when our speed at taking hits / 16 yards was not quick enough and when the girls did not get back in time to build their defensive wall against the oppositions 16 yards/hits ins but overall it was an incredibly strong performance from Team Storm and I hope that each and everyone of them is proud of the way they played today.

Coach: Katie Stewart

Squad: Tallulah T, Lola I, Caitlyn B, Molly P, Tilly F, Imogen M, Lara D, Evie A.

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