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GU10 Lightning, Storm and Hurricane Strike on Sunny Day!

 30th Sep 2018

20180930-GU10StormThe Under 10 Girls hosted London Wayfarers in plenty of matches at GHC today under bright skies. Four GHC teams were in action - here's how they fared...




A fantastic sunny morning with a great opposition. The girls did very well and a lot of progress was shown. Storm started a bit slow and disorganised and London Wayfarers 1 dominated the match resulting in a win for them. Second match saw the girls in better form and after a team effort two goals were scored and Storm won the match against Wayfarers 2. A difficult last match against fellow Guildford Fire saw the girls lose the game but a great team spirit and attitude and a great performance overall which shows a lot of promise for these U10s players. Well done everyone!

Team : Millie, Grace, Cammie, Hannah, Caitlin, Martha and Bibi

Coach: Mercedes 




W2, D1

Hosting Wayfarers at home on a beautiful September morning, this week there certainly more chill in the air but nothing to put off our U10’s girls who arrived full of energy and enthusiasm.  

At 0910 to first whistle blew and “Team Hurricane” flew into action against a strong opposition, Lexi and Evie worked hard at the back to stop the risk of an early goal which was soon rewarded as the ball was worked through the midfield and into the path of the forwards for Isobel to finish, W1-0.

Our second game was much harder with Mimi and Rosie battling hard in midfield whilst Bea ran and ran up and down the pitch supporting the forwards and defence, this time although we had our chances there was no reward, apart from a great team effort! D0-0.

Our final game against our fellow Guildford friends, “Team Lightning” we got off to an early score and with some excellent running down the line by Jasmine resulted in another goal, the girls put into practice a lot of Friday’s training and soon more goals came, W9-0 (Isobel 7, Lexi 1, Jasmine1)

A huge thank you to all the parents for their support and to Jon for umpiring our games.  Much to be proud of and still lots to learn so see you all Friday!

Team Rosie, Isobel, Lexi, Evie, Mimi, Bea, Jasmine




Lightning had three tough matches against some great opposition from Wayfarers. We had some new team members playing their first matches for Guildford so once we’d done some warm up drills to make sure we all new each others names we were ready for our matches.

In our first match we were getting used to our positions and the speed of the game but the effort and running from the team was excellent. As some of the team were playing their first matches we also focused on certain skills which would hopefully help in the following matches. Mollie and Beth were doing really well at getting low in the tackle when defending and this was great for us to be able to talk about between matches. They also continued this through the next two matches. We also talked about getting the ball wide to our midfielders and Elsa and Ona did a good job of taking up good positions so our defenders had someone to pass out to from defence.

In the second game Jessica scored a great goal which was a really team effort as the ball went from our defenders to our midfielders and then Caitlin made a great pass to Jessica for the goal. Jessica and Caitlin worked really well together up front.

In our final game we played against the Guildford Hurricanes who really played well. From a Lightning team perspective Anna saw lots of the ball in defence and was working really hard to get it cleared and out wide to our midfielders. In this match everyone was trying the skills we had talked about and it was great to finish the game and hear that Team Lightning had enjoyed the day. I was really pleased to see how the players were happy to change positions for each match and really started to play as a team, especially given it was the first match for some of the girls. They were great fun to coach so we’ll done to all of them.

Thank you also to Suzanne for umpiring the matches.

Team: Elsa, Ona, Beth, Caitlin, Anna, Jessica, Mollie.



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