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Gondos Draw 2-2 This Week v Epsom

 29th Sep 2018

20180916-GondoliersWhat a difference a week makes? Last week we were subjected to a dismal grey day with rain. Your match reporter’s snazzy Edgar Davids-style glasses were steaming up and coated with water droplets. This week’s game was played in conditions that reminded us of the wonderful Summer we had.



Once again Captain Carney pressed the silver shilling into my hand for the match report. (I am resisting likening Tom to some old pirate? Captain Grey Beard Carney?) I felt obliged as some of my team mates were berating me before the game for having too much time on my hands – specifically sending WhatsApp funnies. Ho hum. I see this as my only real contribution to the Gondos so I will continue if I may, if only to give my life a purpose?

The usual in-depth pre-match Carney team talk ensued. “Pass the ball, and watch out they have some ringers”.  Maybe Jose Mourinho should watch our games and learn about managing a team? As he will shortly be seeking employment I think we should avoid too close an association as it may disturb the atmosphere in the changing room?

The first half saw the Gondos maintain pressure on the Epsom goal without any outcome. Their keeper made a number of saves, with Epsom restricted to counter attacks one of which resulted in a goal. We had pushed so far up the pitch that the defence was left stretched. Yours truly found himself marking 2 players. Another counter attack saw Craig making a crucial save by just getting the thinnest of nibbles on the ball to push it wide. (I was well placed to observe this, unlike the rest of the game.)

The second half was a repeat of the first with the defence not being threatened unduly. Nick K was tenacious in attack and Nigel was his usual unruffled self (Nigel, I avoided the temptation of using a Thesaurus to find a word that would describe you and also impress the Gondos with my word-smithmanship.

The Gondos clawed back a goal through Neil (a cameo appearance after several years absence) but as I was so deep in defence I cannot describe. The Gondos then scored a second with the Nigel commanding the Epsom ‘D’. The oppo claiming that their defender had been pushed?

Epsom pressure increased towards the end of the game with ensuing several goal-mouth scrambles. Epsom scored from a melee after a short corner to level the game.

So maybe a fair result but given all the pressure we could have grabbed a few more goals? Matt, Neil and Keith combined well on the left with the Gondos passing the ball well and playing some good hockey.

Anyway, maybe time for Captain Carney to pressgang another match reporter? I have to find the time to source more WhatsApp funnies.


Guildford 2 (Blatcher, Sturgess) : Epsom 2



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