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GU10 Storm in the Surrey Cup

 11th Mar 2018

20180311-GU10SurreyCupStorm-660Well what a day, so much to say! The girls played a really terrific tournament and drew with the eventual tournament winners in the quarter-finals - so much action and excitement...have a look how it went...



Pool Game 1 v Spencer B (4-0 win)

I asked the girls to go in hard, strong and at 150%, they certainly did not disappoint! They had the ball for 85% of this game.  Their passes were strong onto sticks but also into space for players to run onto, their goals were strong and their passing in goal was really brilliant.

Evie: 1

Annabelle: 2

Caitlyn: 1


Pool Game 2 v Wimbledon A (0-1 loss)

This was a tough match and the girls stayed steadfast, they were very unlucky when Wimbledon broke away and got their goal, however I think this was one of my favourite matches. The girls were nervous but pumped up and ready, knowing they had to perform. My defense were like the terriers I asked them to be, they did not stop until they got the ball back, we had a fair few runs to our goal but just couldn’t get it passed their goalie. The mids were up and back when needed and my forwards making every possible shot they could at goal.


Pool Game 3 v Surbiton B (0-0 draw)

Again a tough match, we nearly had them, but again couldn’t get it in their goal. The forwards were on fire, getting on the rebounds, passing to the back of the D, putting all their effort in. My mids and defense were brilliant at supporting and their clearing from the goal was fantastic. The girls were using the wings and talking to each other.


Quarter-Final v Guildford A (0-0 at full time, 2-3 loss on penalty strokes)

We got to the quarters and were against our Guildford As. This was the most exciting match and we weren’t that happy to be against them, but that’s the luck of the draw! To say I am proud of the girls is a total understatement. They were incredible, we absolutely could have beaten them but just couldn’t get around the amazing Grace who was just on fire the whole day!


The girls protected their goal beautifully, Anouk making some superb saves! They couldn’t get it passed us. We then went to penalties and by that time I was feeling quite sick!! The girls were very nervous but stood forward, heads up and went for it, but again we were against the indominatable Grace and were beaten, but honestly who better to be beaten by, but our own!


Tributes to the girls:

Anouk: For such a new goalie, some fantastic saves and courageousness lady! WELL DONE!!

Gemma: My Storm Trooper at the back, you never stopped Gemma and held your own in every play. WELL DONE!!

Olivia: I asked you to “terrier tackle”, and boy did you show me! WELL DONE!!

Amelie: I asked you to be more aggressive and you were, you are such a versatile player and you played wherever I put you with grace and tenacity, WELL DONE!!

Ella: I asked you to up and back supporting your forwards and backs, you seemed to be everywhere, but also listening to your team mates and making some sweet passes! WELL DONE!!

Caitlyn: I asked you to pass before you were tackled, your skills improve every time you play, but I was very impressed that you listened and used your team mates beautifully! WELL DONE!!

Martha: My speedster, I asked you to stay calm, you didn’t panic and kept going even when they’d got passed you, you kept the pressure up until you got it back. WELL DONE!!

Annabelle: I asked you to focus, you impressed me with your listening, your passing and shots at goal were fabulous! WELL DONE!!

Evie: I asked you to get on the rebounds after your team mates shot, you didn’t disappoint, you were up there trying your hardest and it paid off. WELL DONE!!

Immy: I asked you to use your wing, some of your runs were immense and not taking that last tap but passing before you were tackled. WELL DONE!!


What a great season, I look forward to the next.


Team: Gemma, Ella, Amelia, Imogen, Evie, Caitlin, Annabelle, Martha, Anouk (GK) and Olivia

Coach: Sophie



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