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BU12s Fill in for BU14s v Old Cranleighans

 4th Mar 2018

Mid week I don't think any of us believed there would be any hockey this weekend as the Beast from the East met Storm Emma from the South, but today turned out to be good hockey weather...

This week a squad of eleven BU12 were asked to play up for an 11 a-side match against Old Cranleighans. The squad was completed by four boys from the usual U14 age group.

Matt R had studied the league table and OC had been winning most of their matches so our work was going to be cut out. The boys all arrived promptly which allowed us a good warm up and team talk in order to discuss the differences between 7 a-side half pitch (BU12 format) and 11 a-side full pitch (BU14 format).  

The match was broken down into four quarters, helpfully allowing for plenty of coaching time in between. Immediately after the start the boys lost the ball to OC who made their first attack which looked ominous if this was going to set the tone for the game. But the boys kept their heads, dispelled the attack and quickly started applying the pressure at the far end.  

The boys were really working well as a team, with plenty of passing and good use of the width of the pitch. It didn't take long before Gouldie had scored our first goal. This was quickly followed by 2 goals from Archie before the end of the first quarter.

Little had to be said in the team talk after an excellent start. We needed to make a little more use of the width and needed to have a good strong first touch of the ball. The boys were passing extremely well and working down the wings. Every 50/50 ball was being won by the boys in a 'terrier' determination (quote from their coach!)

Second quarter saw three more goals, two from Sammy and another from Gouldie again won through more excellent team work. This was all on top of multiple substitutions as we had four subs. What made the score even more impressive was the fact that with multiple substitutions the boys had to play in multiple different positions and immediately gel with their team mates around them. Sam W demonstrated great positional play wide on the left with some excellent reverse hit shots down the side of the pitch to the left wing.

A change of end at half time saw OC tighten up their act and the third quarter saw one goal from Sam R.

The final quarter saw another goal from Sam R and Gouldie get his hat trick.

This was an excellent display of hockey from every one of the team.


GHC 9 - 0 Old Cranleighans

Squad, Archie, Barnie, Ben, Felix, Gouldie, James D, James M, Liam, Rafe, Sam R, Sam W, Sammy, Toby, Tommy,

Congratulations to the whole team.



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