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GU10s Tornado, Lightning, Thunder v Aldershot & Farnham

 21st Jan 2018

20180121-GU10TornadoThree teams of Under 10 Girls played Teddington this morning and three teams also played Aldershot & Farnham in the snowy, wintery conditions...




The girls played well in horrible conditions and not having to sub anyone was fantastic for the girls and me! Everyone enjoyed it!   We won all 3 games. 

3-1, 3-0, 2-0

The team held their positions well and when defending Grace and Alex passed the ball off the side, which was great, and not back into the middle.  Although we didn't sub we did rotate positions.   Emily was excellent, good speed and reverse stick.  Tallulah was great with her stick tackling and a few fantastic passes. Anouk staying in space and when she got the ball made some nice runs down the wing.   Flora did a Fantastic job! Their star player was marked by Flora and did not like it and as a result had no impact on the game. Flora was uncompromising and as I would say “had her in her pocket!” Great work!!!

Emilia was a great team player exerting a huge amount of energy as she switched between attacking mode and defence mode.

Well done girls, our hands were cold but it was a good morning out.

Team: Tallulah, Emily, Grace, Flora, Anouk, Emilia and Alex

Coach: Rob




Today went really well. The girls played very well in the snow! It was bitterly cold and not easy but they didn’t complain and played some lovely hockey. They lost the first game 2-3 It was a very close game and the girls did really well as at half time they were 3 goals down but they came back on the second half and they were very close to draw. They won the second match 5-0 and lost their last one 1-3 . Overall the performances of all girls was very good.

Team: Alexandra, Bibi, Lucy, Gemma, Scarlett, Charlotte and Lucy

Coach: Mercedes




A snowy morning in Aldershot but the girls all played well & kept going despite the cold! Guildford Thunder played 3, won one and lost two. Scores were 3-2 (win) and then losses 0-4 and 0-2

Cara, Isobel and the two Rosie’s played really well with Cara and Rosie C working together up front with some fab passing. Rosie D played link position well and Isobel King was a fab sweeper at the back.  Overall the girls worked really hard and worked well as a team.

Team: Rosie, Rosie, Cara, Mimi, Scarlett, Bea, Mimi and Emily

Coach: Shona



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