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GU10s Fire, Hurricane, (Snow) Storm v Teddington

 21st Jan 2018

20180121-GU10StormTwo Guildford Under 10 Girls teams took on teams from Teddington in the winter snow flurries...


Guildford Fire

Guildford A’s were a little depleted due to illness, but Isla and Hannah (GK) stepped in to save the day, and we decided to play 8 a side to keep everyone warm. Unfortunately, Martha R succumbed to the extreme cold during the second game (it was snowing!), and had to retreat to the clubhouse, so the girls did not get a break from this point onwards. 

We played the weaker Teddington side first, and quickly got into a good rhythm of passing the ball wide and high as soon as possible, before crossing it in to Poppy in the centre to finish off. Martha M made some good runs up the wing, and mixed up her crosses with passing it back to Isla to cross in. The game finished 6-0, and Hannah was very cold in goal at the other end.  Next we played the stronger Teddington team, and came out 2-0 winners in this.  Our final game was against the Bs, and we knew that this would be really tough. They packed the centre of the pitch with their extra player, and fought for every ball as if their lives depended on it. It took a while for us to work out that the way to deal with this was to keep getting the ball high and wide, but finally we broke through and popped in a winner with a couple of minutes to go.

Special mention must go to Hanna, who worked tirelessly getting up and down the pitch both to attack and defend, and to Poppy, who scored SEVEN of our 9 goals. We think that the two Marthas scored the others, but no-one was quite sure! 

Things to work on: passing the ball backwards or laterally when there is nothing on ahead, rather than just shovelling it up to the opposition; shooting quickly in the D, rather than taking a couple of touches; passing the ball across the goal rather than shooting it straight at the keeper from a tight angle. 

Really great play from the girls in challenging conditions, and a pleasure to coach such a lovely team again.

Guildford Storm

‘Guildford Storm’, played three games today against Teddington A and B and against the Guildford A team.  The first game against Teddington B was a great game to watch. The girls received, looked up and passed again. They could have used the width of the field a bit more, but were so eager to get their goals in that they often took the shortest route straight through the middle. End result: 7-0

The second game we played Teddington A. We had to step up our game and work a bit harder. Also, passes through the middle were punished immediately so the girls were forced to play wide. The defenders were determined to not receive any goals, and while we didn’t have a goalie they succeeded by marking the Teddington attackers really well and working hard and concentrated. End result: 0-0.  The last game we played the Guildford A team. We didn’t play as pretty as the two games before, but the girls fought like lions and didn’t give the Guildford A team any chance to shoot on goal. Unfortunately we did receive one goal, but as we didn’t have a goalie and the Guildford A team did – we concluded that this match resulted in a 0-0 draw. Corrected end result: 0-0

The girls kept working hard and smiling all throughout the cold and snow. They didn’t only show a continuous improvement of skills, passing and positioning, but also an impressive mental toughness.  Well-done Guildford Storm!

Team: Ella, Amelie, Annabelle, Charlotte J, Caitlyn, Martha R, Olivia, Evie, Gemma

Coach: Saskia



Guildford Hurricane

What a great performance by The Hurricanes this morning in very snowy cold conditions - not a complaint from anyone of them and all of them gave it all they could to ensure we won everyone of our matches which was particularly impressive given we were playing in an U12 /U11 competition.

The girls were without doubt the strongest team in the draw. They played as a team, passing the ball nicely although at times a bit more power would have been handy. They played the ball wide and successfully drove it downwards towards the baseline, they positioned themselves well in the D, passing the ball on occasions to one another before shooting at goal. Susannah, Katie, Molly, Ruby, Hatty, Evie and Lucy all scoring goals for the team.

In defence the girls were quick and efficiently at defending the few balls that came down towards our D. Still need to enforce that all hit ins must go down the wing as there were a few balls that made it into the centre of the pitch but due to our quick reactions did not result in a goal. Most side line hit ins were self taken and were successfully driven down the wing super quickly while the other side tired to organise themselves !! They got very good at this and as a result converted many of these to goals. Need to focus a bit more on "Building our Wall" when we are defending a 16 yard or hit in. It was good to see the girls playing back / mid positions driving the ball up. Some very good runs by all the girls in defence.

Overall I thought the girls did a great job.  They all rotated positions which provided me with a very good insight into their strengths and weaknesses.  They should be very proud of their performance.

Areas to work on are:

  • Positioning, a few of them still have the tendency to run around the pitch following the ball rather than staying in their position.
  • 16 yards and defending them
  • Power of passes
  • Rebounds in the D


Coach: Katie Stewart

Team; Ruby, Evie, Charlotte, Lucy, Molly, Katie, Susannah, Hatty, Tilly and Martha



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