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GU10 Hurricanes v EG and S&W

 14th Jan 2018

The Guildford 'Hurricanes' were out in force against East Grinstead and Sunbury and Walton Hawks on Sunday...

With no goalie, the defence had to work hard. In the first game they were apprehensive, hung back from tackles and as a result gave the opposition plenty of chances to get goals. After a good discussion at the end of the game the defence started to work much better. The girls went in for the tackle, kept their sticks low and became much better as successfully winning the ball in these tackles and clearing it out to the wing. There were a few 16 yards and clearances which went into the centre and pretty much straight away led to a goal but they were early on in the games and that mistake was not repeated. Flora and Grace became well versed at clearing the ball from the D accurately and strongly.


The girls used their wings well, more emphasis needs to be placed on running the ball down the wing rather than immediately passing but with my constant shouting from the side line the wings soon realised that i wanted them to drive the ball down towards the baseline and pass once they were down nearer the D. There were some great performances by Ruby Mort and Molly Penney. Ruby was very strong as CM, in both defence and attack. She tackled well, found space and then passed out to her wings. Molly was very strong in RM and repeatedly tackled the opposition, dribbled the ball partially down the wing before passing to Frankie who was ready and waiting. Emilia had a fantastic game as well, never giving up but does need to work on her positioning, as she tends to wander. 


Emily / Frankie were both involved in getting the ball down the pitch but both of them need to focus on getting their feet around the ball and in the right position to both receive a ball and particularly to shoot at goal. There were many a missed opportunity! Millie and Alex became more involved as the game went along. Their confidence grew and particularly Millie felt much more comfortable in committing to a tackle. In the D she showed her ability to be on target scoring two goals. Alex moved around the pitch and played a multitude of positions which is credit to her. She is most comfortable in a forward role and when playing wing did show skill in being able to drive the ball down the wing.


Lots to work on but some really promising performances. Areas to focus on are:

  • Positioning in D and general target practise
  • Forcing players to dribble the ball down the wing rather than passing
  • Tackles - stick positioning, committing to tackle and focusing on what to do after you win or lose a tackle


0-4 Hurricanes v East Grinsted

1-2 Sunbury V Hurricanes

1-5 Hurricanes V East Grinsted

3-1 Hurricanes V Sunbury


Squad: Ruby, Alex, Emily, Frankie, Molly, Flora, Grace, Millie and Emilia.

Coach: Katie


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