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Gondoliers in Missed Opportunities

 13th Jan 2018

20171015-GondolliersTeamDespite having more possession, the Gondoliers failed to capitalise on their opportunities against a side we rarely lose against. South Berks were re-inforced by some youthful talent and took their chances.

James and Matt covered vast spaces in midfield - Chris Gould lay down on the sacrificial alter of the penalty spot thrashing around to find the goal - all to no avail - Chris picked up some memorable scars to show for all his efforts but no goals! Not a pretty sight to watch.

However the Race Night (27th Jan) has gained some sponsorship from the Gondoliers - using some of their extra beer kitty and support from Geoff and Chris G we will sponsor at least three races i.e

  • Gondoliers Gold Cup Classic
  • Not Quite Dead Steeplecase
  • Roger the Cabin Boys Apprentice Canter


And a few words from the forementioned injured:

"Thank you the personal critique within the report and I can confirm the black eye and two bloody knees are evidence of action.

However you failed to mention my major contribution to our goal, it was I that received Matt's cross into the circle and under great pressure alluded the goalkeeper and defenders with a deft shot sent goalwards, Nigel then behind the goalkeeper ensured that my direct shot, hit the back board a true forward aiming to get clear of Geoff Tonks in the goal scorers race">



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