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Krakens Sorcery Aids Season's First Win

 18th Nov 2017

20161030-Mens4sTeamThe Kraken’s first victory of the season began with a strange ritual involving a white board and what appeared to be some sorcery with black and red buttons. The witch doctor Tony uttered what I assume were spells and we left. I don’t believe many of us understood what had just happened, but it appeared to work so I am willing to keep an open mind. 

The game started with the all too familiar event of Lenel seriously senior passing the ball to the opposition, but thankfully the rest of the team (apart from DOD) appeared to understand the idea of the game was to pass the ball and preferably to a player with a white shirt.

Mainly the game resembled hockey with the midfield doing lots of that passing and dribbling stuff.  A player called Fitz, like a good squash player, managed to stand on the same spot for most of the first half but distribute the ball to the sticks of our forwards. In the second half he tried moving from that spot but turned blue and started making wheezing noises, so returned to the original format.

Unfortunately the forwards appeared to have forgotten the second most important aspect of the game, that is, hit the ball hard at the goal. As a defender I may not understand the intricacies of this but there is a big guy covered in what I think is polystyrene standing there, so how difficult can it be.  

Fortunately for us we still managed to score twice despite never hitting the ball hard at the goal. The defense were awesome doing lots of that stopping, tackling, marking and passing to midfield stuff. Particularly noteworthy was a man called Will, who rightly earned the esteemed title of Man of the Match. He has clearly mastered the basics and hence shone like a beacon of light among the rest of us who still haven’t.

About half an hour into the game (I can’t be certain because I wasn’t, paying much attention) Lenel seriously junior stopped the ball in the dee and confused everyone by pushing it really softly towards the goal. Anyway, it went in which is good, well done. This appeared to piss off the opposition, and not long after, one of them hit the ball hard towards the goal (take note forwards) and much to the surprise of another one of them it deflected into the goal. 

Interestingly for those of us just learning about this game, I thought you had to hit the ball from within the dee for a deflection to count but hay hoe. It could have been a lot worse but Luke’s twin brother, clearly not the same guy as last week, played out of his skin and occasionally outside of the dee.

To be honest the second half is a bit of a blur, it was characterized by Croydon getting more and more pissed off and the Kraken’s doing more and more of that passing, stopping and dribbling stuff (but still no hitting the ball hard at the goal). Sometime during the second half (God knows when, sorry Nick) Lenel seriously senior hit the ball hard away from the goal, but fortunately one of them managed to stretch out, get a foot to it and deflected it into the goal. DOD went to Joe who later realized he should have joined in with some of that stopping, tackling and passing stuff.

All told it was a good game and if the team continue to play this well together and improve at this rate there is a strong possibility of another win before the end of the season.



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