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GU10s in Super Friendlies v Aldershot & Farnham

 24th Sep 2017
GU10s-2017-09-22TeamUnder 10 Girls had a fun day in the sun with matches against Aldershot & Farnham.



Team Fire

Coach James Relph

Goal fest in the sun!

All in all a good day at the office for the u10 girls. After a few good weeks back into training the girls are listening to the coaching and trying to get the passing game going with some width.

Against Aldershot and Farnham they did well in the first game against a mixed team of boys and girls with a couple of decent boys to test them. After a slow start Eliza got going passing the ball from centre half and Hannah made good runs up front and Martha Re and Evie made runs down the flanks.

Holly and Gemma were very solid at the back and Martha rob and Martha M rotated on to the pitch throughout to add more energy Holly and Gemma were solid at the back and looked to pass out wide and keep width in the game. 

Overall in the 4 games we only conceded one goal and score many.

The hockey is improving and we will keep ensuring they focus on training and above all have some fun in order to love hockey.




Team Storm

Coach Katie Stewart

Although the score line would suggest otherwise it took the girls their first match to become familiar with each others capabilities, positions on the pitch and to start communicating with each other. Once this was in place the team really did go from strength to strength. 

There was the powerful trio of Poppy, Isla and Caitlyn who were pretty invincible and scored a ridiculous number of goals. Frankie and Else, both playing their first match for Guildford, learnt very quickly how to support one another.  It was lovely to see Else dribbling the ball down the wing and looking up to see where Frankie was before passing the ball to her. Frankie made sure she was free and once she had gained possession worked hard to drive the ball into the D. 

Jemima was as solid as a rock in defense with Elise showing determination and focus in her first U10 appearance. In the last game both Elise and Jemima really had to work hard to keep the Aldershot forwards away from the goal, they repeated cleared the ball wide.  Annabel as always won her tackles on the left and effortlessly dribbled the ball down the wing, setting up many a goal and getting a few herself.  Hatty found herself in midfield, positioning herself well and making sure she was constantly in front of the ball for all opponent hit ins.  Evie swapped between wing and midfield for her first game in the U10’s.  She wasn’t the slightest bit scared to push right in there for a tackle.  Too many good performances to award a man of the match, praise needs to go to the entire team.  Well done.  Played 4 matches, won 3 and draw 1.


Team Hurricane

Coach Saskia Spits

The Hurricanes played another brilliant tournament, this time against Aldershot & Farnham.  We were very lucky to have Bibi as our goalie and she did an amazing job making one tremendous save after another. In front of her playing defense were Tilly and Martha, occasionally assisted by Charlotte. It was great to see how well they defended, with sticks low on the ground and clearing the ball wide as much as they could.

On the midfield Cammie, Ruby and Charlotte worked their socks off, passing the ball around and helping both with defence and attack.

In the forward line Emilia, Susannah, Isobel and Lucy played very well, scoring a total of (approximately!) 13 goals over 4 matches. We won 3 and lost 1. Girl of the match: Ruby, who showed some incredible skills and impressive perseverance.

Great job to everyone, playing so well and running so much in the warm September sun!


Team Lightening

Coach Sophie Sherman

On the whole Lightening team had 4 really good games. Our forwards Imogen and Charlotte played like little terriers scoring many goals and working beautifully together, great teamwork. Gemma,


Millie, Anouk and Scarlett playing mid, their games improved when they started talking to each other and using their skills to pass the ball more directly, keep those eyes up when passing girls, Scarlett scored a goal which Millie assisted, a lovely run. Gemma had a few nice passes when she heard some calls, and Anouk had some good tackles, just remember don't stop until you get that ball. Grace did some cracking clearing of the ball from the D and also saved a few goals, remember to listen for calls to the wing.

Tallulah started off playing back then moved to mid which did her well, she was tackling more and using the forwards, she also had a few shots at goal. Alex played beautifully and was everywhere, she didn't stop tackling and had some awesome slaps out to the wings and also down the middle.

Man of the match goes to Olivia, she played back, and mid when needed. She was an indomitable force, our bulldog of the back, stopping all the driving forwards time and time again, well done Olivia.

Things to work on: Using our wings more, calling, taking our free passes quickly, sticks down and building our wall around opponent passes.


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