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Gondoliers Win v South Berks

 18th Mar 2017

Not a good day for England and Wales but given our late start Steve, inspired at Wales' performance, rampaged all over the pitch in search of that elusive goal...

Gondoliers played some good, passing hockey and often strung some good moves together whilst dominating the game. This was helped by the fact that South Berks only had  7 players and no goalie, so wisely we decided at half time with a scoreline of 4-0 to donate our goalie Brett to them in an effort to get a more balanced game.

Previously, our gift of three players (thankyou to Messrs Toplas, Mowat and Bernard) still only brought them up to 10 men and so for the second half the Gondoliers played with no goalie and ten men, such was our confidence from our performance in the first half.

Their three goals were an aberration against the one way flow the game was continuing to follow - one mainly down to Tim and the ever present Steve's poor communication skills, allowing a lurking forward to gladly seize a weak pass to Steve. A contrary faux pas  occurred later in the game between Dave T and C Gould (who seemed to have developed scorer's block when faced with a proper goalie).  Who was in goal didn't seem to affect HP who had one of his better games with several strong strikes at goal.

Our mid field was strengthened by our mobile and unstoppable dynamo Rob until that is his muscles give up the ghost half way through the second half and now  down to 9 men and no goalie didn't seem to impede our progress. We also were joined by John Ap in the mid field  who was taken back by the amount of time and space he was given - a luxury most other sides do not give us.

All in all a good performance by the Gondoliers mainly down to the strength of the opposition

Guildford 5 (Rosoman 3, Gould 2) - 3 South Berkshire


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