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Gondoliers Away to Oxted has Parallels to Rugby

 10th Mar 2017

Two arenas of sporting endeavour presented themselves this sunny afternoon of 10 March 2017. Whilst one was on a rugby field not so very far away, the other a hockey pitch in Oxted, there were a series of eerie parallels that began to unfold between the two as the afternoon progressed.


The away team had turned up full of hope and with a recent string of positive performances behind them. Unperturbed by the absence of their gallant skipper and not exactly an overflowing squad in number, there was a game to be played against a strong opposition which historically had brought the best out of both sides.


Although wearing white, sadly for Guildford the afternoon took on a rather Scottish blue feeling early on as Oxted showed their skill and command of the pitch, stretching the Gondoliers to submit to an early score from Oxted’s array of options in the middle of the field. It wasn’t much better viewing for the away team under the bright, fresh sunlight of the rest of the half. Despite several sorties into the last quarter of the opposition half, robust defence kept the Gondoliers at bay whilst Oxted continued to press back resulting in a further two well engineered goals, giving a strong sense that the result had established itself as the welcome distraction of the half time whistle was blown.


Struggling for breath and options, the Gondoliers soldiered on and stuck to the task after the break. Reaching for positives, we managed to give our goalkeeper, Josh, plenty to do and he continued to rise to the challenge, spurring on the away side who refused to give up and slowly felt the balance of the game become a little less one-sided, pulling back a goal against the home team’s two during the second half.


Not one of the Gondolier’s finer moments, on the day, we knew we had been deservedly beaten by a stronger side and were happy to retire to the Oxted British Legion for a beer and a more positive outcome from the Twickenham battle.


Just like Scotland, as the season’s campaign draws to a close, there is an honourable and respectable outcome ahead of us but we’ll need more robust performances to finish the job off and I suspect will be happy to resign this last game to proverbial history.


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