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GU10s FiveTeams in Action at GHC v A and F

 5th Mar 2017

On Sunday March 5th GHC GU10 hosted three teams from Aldershot & Farnborough HC. The weather overnight and that morning was atrocious with heavy rain and as I turned up Jeremy (GHC’s pitch manager amongst many other volunteer roles!) suggested we switch pitches so that the girls could shelter under the clubhouse and the parents could watch from the dry with a coffee. I was happy as it kept my precious paperwork dry...


So we split into two pools: one pool with a GHC A and B playing Aldershot A on a half pitch and then a second pool with three mixed ability GHC teams playing two Aldershot teams on quarter pitches.


Although we started in the rain, it was our good fortune that the rain stopped and the sun beat down (OK that’s an exaggeration).     


GHC A (Ice)

Won all three matches scoring 9 and conceding zero. Lots of good passing and pressing the opposition high up the pitch but we can still improve our reaction to turnover ball and keeping our shape. 


Emma (GK), Holly, Isla, Rosie, Gemma, Martha Re, Ella, Ottalie, Freya

Coach: James



GHC B (Fire)

1st match 1-1 draw

2nd Match 2-0 loss (to GHC A)

3rd Match 1-0 loss


Ellie - (GK), Annabelle B, Martha C, Amelie, Jemima, Martha Ro, Hanna, Imogen

Coach: Katie


Sadly the score line does not reflect the effort put in by everyone.  Imogen, Amelia and Jemima worked incredibly hard in defensive and did a fantastic job keeping the opposition away from the goal.  They tackled hard, used their wings to encourage wider play and during the course of the tournament became more confident at not only winning the tackle but at taking the ball up the pitch themselves.  Martha, Martha, Annabel, and Hanna passed well between each other, displayed some good ball skills and tried very hard at time to increase the score line.  Annabel was very impressive on the left wing and repeatedly got the ball up the field and into the D.  Ellie kept her concentration and when the ball did get past the backs made some excellent saves.


Every member of the squad made a significant and positive contribution whenever they were on the pitch and the experience gained today, particularly in the area of short corners will be very valuable when it come to the Surrey's.


Great team effort from everyone, a great morning's hockey


GHC Shadows

Team: Phoebe, Tallulah, Grace J, Harriet, Olivia L, Charlotte H, Emily J, Anouk, Ruby, Charlotte J. 

Coaches: Paula & Saskia


The Guildford Shadows played some brilliant hockey on Sunday and played better every game. The first game was an unlucky loss, the second game a 0-0 draw and when finally the sun came out, the last two games were won. The Shadows renamed themselves Sunshines. A name well deserved because everyone showed smiles and enthusiasm the whole morning and with two subs nobody complained about being taken off for a few minutes. Well done Sunshines!


GHC Lightning

Team: Tilly, Grace F, Lucy, Molly, Susannah, Katie, Elena, Alexandra, Hatty

Coach: Libby


The lightning girls battled through torrential rain and a biting wind at the start of Sunday’s tournament, and finished their first game frantically shedding layers as the sun came out.  This may also have been because all of them had worked so hard up and down the pitch, and they kept this level of effort up throughout their four games.  Tilly was a rock in the centre of defence, and Molly, Hatty & Lucy are all learning fast how to clear the ball out from the back under pressure.  We tried all sorts of combinations up front, and were most successful when our forwards stayed up high, ready to receive some excellent through balls from the midfield.  Results improved as the girls got used to playing together, and we finished with one win, one draw and two very narrow defeats.  


GHC Flames

Team: Holly Y, Holly H, Scarlet W, Erin M,Bea G, Izzy R-S, Clara D, Olivia C, Martha F

Coach: Maggs


GHC u10 Flames had a scorching day on Sunday despite the rain!  We watched the first game and the rain from the clubhouse and then played four back to back games finishing in sunshine. It was a tough day as although we created lots of chances the silly ball refused to go into the goal - there was some resolute defending in our first game from Holly and Martha which kept the Aldershot team at bay but we couldn't quite get our attacking game together. In our next game we swopped people around so that Martha and Clara were the engine room in midfield feeding the ball forward to Olivia and Scarlet and I really thought we were going to score but it just didn't happen. Next game was against another of the Guildford teams with Erin and Holly and Martha defending and Clara, Bea and Izzy in midfield. Olivia had a brilliant breakaway and was heading for the goal when the Guildford defence came up with a great tackle to deny us yet again. Finally we faced the third Guildford team but by now we were all tired and they were just too strong and scored a few goals against us - but we didn't give up'


Overall we learned a lot about staying in our positions and working hard to keep the ball away from the other team. Our passing improved hugely over the morning as did our tackling and general defence. We did create chances in three of our games but either the excitement got to us or the other team was just a bit too strong. It was a fun morning all the same.





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