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GU10s in the Surrey Cup and Plate 2017

 12th Mar 2017

20170312-GU10AGHC entered one team in the Surrey Cup tournament and two teams in the Surrey Plate tournament. Hosted mostly at Trinity School in Croydon last Sunday, it was a long day with 12 teams in the Cup and 24 competing for the Plate (in two locations!)...

Our Cup team made it through to the semi-finals, coming fourth (after penalties), whilst both our Plate teams made it out of the group stages to the quarter finals with one team going all the way to the finals, which was sadly also lost on penalties (parents’ fingernails were completely chewed away by then). Despite missing out on Gold and Bronze through p-flicks, it was a great performance by the whole squad. With about two thirds of the entire squad consisting of U9’s we will still have good talent coming through the U10s next season.

Most importantly, despite the penalty highs and lows, all three squads enjoyed the event as you can see from the squad photos. Thank you to the parents for making almost 100% availability for the event and to Brian/Matt/Libby for umpiring.

Surrey Cup Tournament

Guildford ‘A’

Overall an amazing effort from a great squad. As they have done all year they worked their socks off and battled in every game. The tournament was a good opportunity for the girls to compete against the best teams in Surrey, and in most cases all u10 teams.  Next year I sense we will return and head up the rankings!!


Squad - Emma (GK), Holly, Martha C, Rosie, Gemma, Martha Re, Ella, Ottalie, Freya

Coach – James


Game 1 - Surbiton - 2-0 win

The girls were sharp at the start with lots of short sharp passing and lots of possession.  Ella scored the first goal after a rebound from the keeper. Lots of passing from Rosie at the back linking with Holly and Martha, who made lots of runs down the right and Ottalie on the left.

‎Then we went 2-nil up after lots of possession and a lot of work with Martha slapping in the bottom corner.  Gemma and Freya both worked hard at centre half and Martha C ran hard at centre forward. A great 1st game where all the girls passed well and worked hard


Game 2 v Wayfarers (0-1 loss)

‎Plenty of chances but didn't mark so well. We had all the possession and most of the chances but couldn't quite score and then were hit on the counter by a quick break against the run of play. We lost 1-0 against a decent team but managed to qualify to the quarters.  More work needed on shooting and the girls were keen to keep improving.


Quarter finals v Spencer (0-0 draw and won on flicks)

We played a lot better in the 3rd game against a strong Spencer team. Again we had lot of shots but couldn't quite finish.‎ A close game with a lot of shots and a lot of effort resulted in a draw in normal time. Then to the drama of flicks.


Ottalie was saved after Spencer scored.   Then Rosie scored, Spencer missed then Martha R was saved. But Emma then saved too and it went to sudden death. Spencer scored, then Ottalie scored. Then Emma saved and game over.‎ Amazing effort from Emma in goal and for the girls taking the flicks.


Semi-final v Wimbledon (0-2 loss)

Very strong team as an opposition who out muscled us a bit. Some good battling but the stronger team came through. Good running by all the girls who had to face Wayfarers for  3rd place.


3rd/4th play-off v Wayfarers - (0-0 draw and lost on flicks)

Scoreless after normal time and golden goal.  A lot of excellent running from the whole team against bring strong opposition.  We had most of the play but couldn’t quite score and defended well.


Massive thanks to the girls for working hard and trying their best on Sunday and at training all year.

Very exciting to think a lot of the A and B team will be back to try again as u10s next year.




PLATE Tournament

Guildford ‘B’

Jemima, Phoebe, Amelie, Evie, Isla, Imogen, Annabelle, Caitlyn, Emma (GK)

Coach – Katie


Well what a fantastic day, as a coach I could not have asked for more.  Guildford B's began by winning their first two games 1-0 and 2-0 and drawing their third game 1-1. We played as a team, passing well, tackling with determination and our shots at goal were on target. As winners of our group we went through to the quarter finals where we were up against Wimbledon C.  The team kept their formation, passed fast and wide getting the ball up into the opposition's D and into the goal before Wimbledon had a chance to get involved.  Wimbledon tried hard to pull one back but they simply couldn't get past our defence.


Winning the quarter finals we found ourselves up against Wimbledon B in the Plate.  Again the team were quick to make the most of their pass back and were up in the oppositions D and shooting at goal. After a string of well carried out short corner the team’s determination paid off with a lovely goal.  Wimbledon fought back and managed to squeeze one into the goal bringing the score line to 1-1.  With no goals during the golden goal period we moved on to penalty strokes.  With excellent goalkeeping by Emma and successful penalties from Annabelle and Caitlyn we won the semi-finals.  


The finals found us up against Wayfarers.  It was a nail biting game.  With both teams tiring there were plenty of missed goal opportunities so after an extra 5 minutes of play and a score line of 0-0 we moved to another round of penalty strokes. It really was just bad luck, both teams had their first two penalties saved by the keeper but Wimbledon's final penalty somehow managed to make its way past Emma and unfortunately ours didn't so Wimbledon were crowned the winners.


The girls should be very proud of their performance today - they fought long and hard, remained focused and worked as a team. With all but two of the outfielders remaining in the U10 age group next year they should be a force to be reckoned with in the 2018 season!




Guildford ‘C’

The Guildford C team of Ellie (GK), Tilly F, Lucy F, Martha F, Charlotte J, Poppy N, Molly P, Clara D, Hanna S took on the cold and wet weather in the Surrey’s Plate Tournament today.

Coaches: Brian and Sophie


The girls were asked the girls to do 3 things throughout the tournament and if they did, then they would go through to the Quarter Finals-


·      Mark the players like Velcro!

·      Pass the ball wide!

·      Pass the ball quickly!


Guildford 1-0 London Wayfarers

The Team’s first victims were from London Wayfarers and we showed them who was boss! J We passed the ball very well between the players and we broke through their defence from a fantastic pass from Clara who threaded the ball down the right and Poppy found the ball and went and scored a GREAT goal to win us the first game! There was some very good play form Charlotte on the left side and Lucy on the right to get the ball up to our strikers (Hanna and Poppy). The player of this game was Tilly with some very good passes from the back to the midfield and strikers.


Guildford 1-0 Old C’s

We then played a strong Old Cran’s side and after some VERY strong defending from Martha who saved 3-4 chances from the opposition by her cool, calm and collected timing of her tackles. We managed to get the ball down the left side of the pitch and after some good play with Hanna up front we scored through our top scorer (Poppy) who got the ball into the opposition goal! Well done Poppy! In this tough game, Martha was definitely the player that saved the team in this match so gets the player of the game for this win.


Guildford 0-1 Surbiton

We then player the arch enemy in Surbiton and we played the best we could and had 8 real chances of scoring. Their goalkeeper was superb and kept being in the right place and the right time for them! They had 1 strong shot at goal and scored which was very lucky (says me; the biased coach from Guildford!!).


Hanna, Poppy, Charlotte and Lucy all had shots on goal and we just could not get the goal we needed. We had some really strong defending too from Molly, Martha and Tilly who managed to hold off some strong attacks from the Surbiton strikers and they stepped up and blocked them off! Ellie made some great saves too in this game and made sure she cleared the ball out wide. The player of the game in this match was Hanna for her passing of the ball to team players and not trying to score on her own. The Surbiton coach came and found us when we were having a team talk at the end of the game and he congratulated our team for playing so well and he said how well we played and singled out Martha for making some really decisive step ups and tackling their big girls. She was brilliant!!


Quarter Final – Guildford 0-1 London Wayfarers

This was the game which we played SUCH good hockey and we lost to the eventual winners of the whole Plate competition. The girls knew we were going to have to play well and they DID! They did EVERYTHING I asked as a coach. We ran out of energy in this game and we could not manage to get the goal we needed after some good playing from Poppy, Hanna and Charlotte. Clara made some fantastic strong runs with the ball on her stick and got the ball to the strikers to let them shoot at their keeper and we could not get it passed her! The opposition coach came over to say that he was VERY impressed with a few of the players and how hard they tried to play which shows how far we have developed over the season and we NEVER GIVE UP!


The Player of the game was Poppy who played with a sore knee and passed some great balls to the rest of the team.


It was great to coach the team and I enjoyed the day most when I asked the girls at the end of the day if they had fun playing and I got a “YES with a smile” from ALL 9 players.




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