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BU12 Lions in Good Games v C&F and Dragons

 5th Feb 2017

Under 12 Boys Lions had three 20 minutes games against Camberley & Farnborough and two teams from Old Georgians Dragons. What a pleasure to coach the boys; please have a look at how they did...


Team - Ollie B, Henry B, James D, James Mundy, Sam Wyatt, Cole, Joe H, Oscar (GK), Rory


Game 1 v Old Georgians Dragons B  (We won this game 5-0)

The boys started really well and the game plan was simple. Get the ball wide, keep the ball moving fast and Velcro the opposition so they don’t get the ball…..

We scored early with Henry eventually getting his shot on target. We then spent the next 5-7 minutes trying to find where the opposition had moved the goals as the boys did everything other than hit the ball between the posts! (ASK THE BOYS' MOMS AND DADS! MY HAIR WAS GROWING WITH THE STRESS OF THEM ALL MISSING THE GOALS J).

We eventually score a few more goals and the boys found their rhythm. The team did everything I asked with some special mention in this game to Ollie B (for great jab tackling) and Cole for some really solid passes around the back. Joe Hicks was playing centrally in the midfield and when he raised his head up to see where his team mates were, he could then pass the ball out to them. Sam W was great in this game as he stayed out wide and got the ball to show the opposition his pace and he often got behind them to open up the game.


Game 2 – Camberley  (We won this game 6-0)

We started with the same pace as game 1 and we quickly scored and had some REALLY fantastic passing around the back (Cole, Ollie and James M who helped us out at the back) We looked so effective when we got the ball to the super slick flyer in James D who ran down the right side and passed some GREAT balls to the team on the p-spot to score. Hat or no hat, this boy can fly!!!!


Game 3 – v Old Georgians Dragons A  ( was a game of 2 halves……)

1. The first half we lost 3-0!

We somehow lost our shape, our marking and we dribbled with the ball. I then had to pull the boys together at half time and gave them a very firm talk about how we are ALL to blame for the score and that we ALL needed to get back to the 3 basic rules (Velcro, ball speed and width).


2. The second half we won 2-0!

I was extremely pleased to see the boys reacted the way we did and we scored quickly with a perfectly crossed hit from the “hat man” James D. Rory was the striker in this half and he got really stuck in and made some brilliant stops of the ball. Both Rory and Sam W passed the ball to rest of the team who quickly moved things around and we had 3-4 more shots on goal that could easily have won the whole game.


I was not worried about the score of the game or the result. I was very proud of the way the boys managed to turn the game around and focus on the 3 basic rules and which got a special mention from the opposition coach who said he did not think he would win the game because of the way the Lions played in the 2nd half.


My player of the day was James D who showed that if you don’t give up, that anything is possible and I could see that he had given his absolute everything to help win the game.




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