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Gondoliers v Southampton

 17th Dec 2016

The last match of 2016 found the Gondoliers at home facing Southampton, always a challenging side but today we did have the benefit of a goalie and so our Captain felt he should use this to our advantage and organise the team in a slightly different formation on the field of play.  Needless to say this may have had the benefit of confusing Southampton but it also side-effect of confusing the Gondoliers. 

But out of the confusion came Geoff (playing in the slightly unusual position of right wing) striking a perfect cross into the D for Chris Gould to nudge the ball into the back of the net.

As the half continued our goalie made a couple of admirable saves before forgetting for a moment that he was playing hockey and opting for a rugby like tackle of one of Southampton’s players.  Lucky to escape a penalty flick a short corner was conceded and Southampton righted the wrong they felt they had been dealt with a deflection into the goal.  And so the game was all level.


The second half came and our esteemed Captain repositioned his team on the field of play in their more normal formation and with this there was a marked improvement in the quality of Gondoliers play. The Southampton goal was threatened several times but despite the best efforts of the forwards the ball could not be nudged into the net. Meanwhile at the other end of the field Southampton were being held firmly at bay.

So whilst the second half saw no goals it was noteworthy for the fine acting performance as Southampton defence and Gondoliers attack clashed with both players doing their best to emulate Ronaldo in the field of diving, simultaneously complaining bitterly to the referee. Expect Oscar nominations in January.


The last game of 2016 finished a 1-1 draw with the Gondoliers feeling that they had played well and been slightly unlucky to have been denied a win.


Happy Christmas Gondoliers and may next year bring us many glorious moments.


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