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Shadows Outscored by Wanderers

 26th Nov 2016

It was going to be a difficult match against yet another very strong opposition, compounded by a distinct shortage of availability. The game began and after a few minutes of even back-and-forth a short corner was conceded. The drag flick was hard and accurate into the top corner. It was later found out that the player used to be some child prodigy who had taken several years before coming back to the game.


The game continued with equal intensity although they pushed their press up higher. Ollie tried to discourage this by hitting it into the centre forward's head. He of course offered a hand of apology, and instead after a heated discussion with the player decided not to. With the game at feverish levels, Ollie on the bench taking a breather the Shadows struggled to hold it together, at some point conceding a goal. A third goal was conceded shortly after some very dubious skills by their attacking player (using his knees) beat a bewildered Ross before the ball was put past Marcus.

Fraser was seeming confused by all this as his game dissolved to the point where he was passing exclusively to the opposition. The scramble defence was working well at picking anything up and Guildford were getting good ball to their forwards. Fraser, realising that he was being very ineffective and needed a goal, decided to pass it straight to their player on top of the Defending D, leaving Marcus with no choice but to concede another goal. 


At half time it was 4-0. Whilst as a team we hadn't played that wasn't looking pretty.


With a few strategic position changes the Shadows took to the field. The change was instantly effective with the Shadows commanding the game's pace. This resulted in a fine goal with Ryan sprinting up the right until hitting a perfectly timed cross from one side of the pitch to the other to a Fraser who had run screaming out of defence. With the back half of the D open, Fraser attacked the near post, before cutting in between their sliding cover defence, preparing for a far post flick, he then 'let' the ball bobble off the end of his stick so that Tim could finish with an accurate slap into the goal. 

At this point I think the positions at the front swapped back into their original places as Copeland's knee could no longer handle the pressure. Whilst the shadows looked confident and effective on the ball occasionally they would break and when they did their efficient and clinical passing tore the defence apart with the Shadows conceding 4 goals in the second half. Including one which had a player slap the ball in the top of the net as he slid past the back post at full stretch.  


There was one more goal from the Shadows, scored by that self-professed scoring and passing machine, Copeland. Copeland received the ball under pressure and made full use of the back of his stick as he dribbled into space before shooting accurately into the top of the Goal. 


Other highlights included: for two consecutive shortcorner routines Copeland said he would slip it, then tried to flick it himself. Both were saved by the keeper.

A (correctly) disallowed goal when Fraser's knee trapped the ball after Copeland's drag flick had been padded away before finding space and squeezing the ball into the goal. Whilst the umpire had not seen it some of the Guildford players were kind enough to admit it, thanks guys.

Ross earning himself a green card for trying to explain to the umpire why he was complaining about a decision that had been made.


Overall it was a competitive second half but they were just too clinical when they had attacking opportunities. Final score 8-2 to the opposition.


DOD - Fraser

MOM - tied between Fraser, Copeland, Joel, Ollie. 


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