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BU12s 11-a-side Game of Two Halves

 13th Nov 2016

It was a game of two halves for the Under 12 Boys v Reigate on Sunday...


First Half: 0-3 to Reigate

This was the first full sized pitch game for a few of the boys and in the first half we really struggled to use the full pitch. We channelled the ball through the middle and were under constant pressure for 30 minutes. We dribbled too much and kept making soft passes to each other and if it was not for Ila in goal, we would have been 4 or 5 goals down. She played REALLY well and the boys were impressed! She made some excellent saves and was extremely agile all around the goal. She too seemed to really enjoy the busy game!


Second half: 1-0 to Guildford

The boys got given a quick pep talk by the coaches and Nick's words to the boys are that we can win this half….AND THEY DID!

The boys marked their quicker players and made short quick passes through the wide channels and the goal came from the width after some great running by Tommy HF. Morgan and Toby were the dynamo’s in the midfield and Joe Williams played well to get the ball to them from the back. James Mundy I think scored the goal but it didnt really matter who got last touch as it was a real team effort!!. We then pressured their defence for 20 minutes and their keeper made some top saves to prevent Toby’s short corner strikes. It was a pleasure to coach the boys and to hear the opposition parents and coaches comment on how resilient our team was and that it was a really tough game for the opposition.

Brian Dunleavy



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