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Gondoliers edge Windsor in year zero

 5th Nov 2016

Following Stephen 'two-names-when-one-would-do's match report last week I have decided to revert to plain modern English rather than accept the challenge of writing in Latin, old Norse, or the language of the hood - rap. This is the first official Gondos match report in the post-Trump era hereinafter aka year zero.

The day itself at Windsor (that name again) also lent itself to plain English. The game was an honest effort by 11 Guildford men, strong and and true. We entered the field of battle, sized up the various divisions of archers, pike men and heavy horse ranged against us and reckoned that to take command of the field we would need to gird our loins and set to the enemy with purpose. A poll after five minutes would have decided that the match was close, and that turned out to be the case. In early play though we dominated by swift counter attack and rapid nullification of their efforts to take our standard. We also managed, despite fluffing a few, to start putting the ball in the back of the net. First there was a goal, typically opportunistically and energetically scored by Nigel, followed soon thereafter by what has been a disappointingly rare occurrence, a successful short corner - this time by Regan.

In the early part of the game the differentiators were our ability to put the ball in the net and the pressure that we were able to put on their players on the ball. This led to many interceptions of hopeful long passes by Guildford and misplays by them. On the relatively rare occasions they did come close our undisputed man of the match, Tim Savage, emerged in his kicking back role to snuff out the threat. At half time we were sitting fairly happily two up and the second half resumed in much the same style, we thought, until a certain sloppiness, lack of resolve and nervousness entered our play - as if we were afraid to command the heights - and we gave Windsor the chances that they had patiently been waiting for. Because of the way that we were playing - higher up the field and without the security of a goalkeeper - we were going to be vulnerable. We did concede more than a few short corners and it was only the quick reactions, bravery and good fortune smiling on Tim that meant they only managed to score 3 goals while a further two from Rosoman and Sturgess in the second half, in piercing counter-attacks, brought us to victory by a narrow margin.


This account would be incomplete without mention of that most stalwart of yeomen, Master Tonks, who, at a critical juncture, neatly controlled the ball in the 'D' and laid it off for the most clinical of finishes by .....dementia creeps in (note to self, match reports must be written on the day of the match).


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