Guildford Hockey Club Est. 1912

Gondos - with profuse apolgy to Lewis Carroll

 29th Oct 2016

'Twas brillig, and the slithy Gondos did gyre and gimble on the astro.

All mimsy were the oppo, and our game outgrabe.


Beware the weaker team, our frumious skipper cried

Lest they drag your Jubjub down.


We took our vorpal sticks, and snicker snack we whiffled,

Galumphing through the beamish day.


The manxome foe walked slowly about a bit,

The umpire felt the mome rath of the Kuhle,

And a fortuitous Tobie shortie saved the frabjous day.


And hast thou slain both Sunbury and Walton, my son ?

Well, yes, but 1-0 was more of a light scratch, a shallow flesh wound, than a slaying...



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