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Gondoliers in 3-1 Win Over Havant

 15th Oct 2016

Yes, it was a victory despite the lack of an umpire and goalie. Geoff scored one of the goals and Nigel did not, and whilst every victory should be cherished, it was against the background of Havant's recent double digit losses against Oxford and Oxted. It was an old fashioned hard astro, rarely used these days, on top of the cliffs above Portsmouth.

Nick stated before the game that he had changed his ways but alas verbal abuse to both umpires was forthcoming, as he plowed his crowded furrow through various static Havant players. Meanwhile Alistair was doing a very good impression of a bulldozer charging down the left.

The game was a one way street of Guildford peppering the Havant circle with hits and Guildford somehow missing most opportunities.

Many thanks to all the umpires who had much to contend with (besides vision problems) and the game ended on a friendly note with much analysis in the bar afterwards of applying the principles of continuous improvement and perhaps swapping the forwards with the defence. It was difficult to pin point the most significant event and probably Andy's contribution to their goal or Alistair's contribution to our failure to reach double figures and Regan's lack of a towel are likely candidates.

Next week will be a different story!


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