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Gondos Score Four More

 19th Mar 2016

Despite the very early start and the vagaries of the M25 all Gondos were on time but minus a keeper, so for the second time this year Tim became our kicking back...


Amersham seemed very determined to exact revenge for their away defeat, to the Gondos in December, so they man-marked each of our three forwards throughout the whole game. They were combative and determined in the mid-field but despite our lack of a goalie they failed to score more than the one goal. The Gondos on the other hand managed four splendid goals; with Nigel breaking loose from his defender for one and shaping a brilliant deflection for another. Toby slotted home a wonderful flick into the top of the net from a short corner and Tom scooped another from a scramble in the their D.


This was a reverse of the usual game for the Gondos, in that we played better in the second half than the first, perhaps spurred on by Brent’s real time, statistical update on our standing in the league table.


HP was the busiest he has been all season and was the start of all of the Gondos’ attacks.


Led by Mike, our mid-field nullified their efforts with most of the play taking place between the half way line and their 22 (or is it 25?!).


Our defensive line were are their intercepting best, a skill that they have been perfecting all season. Brent once again won the Guinness World Record title for the most yards run in an over 50s hockey game.


After the game, most Gondos were present in the pub for the presentation of a magnum of red wine to Tom, in gratitude for all his off-field leadership, if not for his on-field play, as Regan so sensitively put it!


It was obvious from the banter in the pub that all Gondos were proud about their third place finish, but also crystal clear that they just love to play hockey, so whatever shape the league is next year, the Gondos will be there again, raring to go.


Hope to see lots of you on Wednesday evenings during the summer!



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