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Gondos are Poetry in Motion v Winchester 3-1

 27th Feb 2016

Twas chilly, and the morpy Gondos

Did skyre and dimble on the turf;

All missy was the stickletack,

And the pinshad outheeled


“Beware the shockey hick, my boy!

The ball that flizz, the sand that floast!

Beware the shorpal bims and shun

The hurious poalagoast!”


With feadly weapon grapped in hand,

They stampled on the sward,

With muscly calves they circle ranned,

Then stood awhile and thard.


Up, down! Up, down! With feeted square,

The feadly blades went backacrash,

Regan first then Kuhle and Sturgess

The net abulged with deadly sight.


But then the cold froze brains awry

And error strewn the match all tumbled.

Hooray when scrill the blistle sounded,

And all to flowers shed.


Twas chilly, and the morpy Gondos,

Had skyred and dimbled hourly gone,

All scroojous were the puffin’ heard,

Till the weary stumblers flon.


(With apologies to Lewis Carroll)




Synopsis and translation:

Cold windy day

Murphy came to our rescue

Gondoliers 3-0 up at half time

Regan did not get carded

Kuhle took himself off having scored an excellent goal (although Sturgess thought it was a bad pass to him)

Hundreds of short corners

Our other goals were lucky deflections

Manning missed an open goal and Carney kept running off the pitch with the ball

Geoff should have gone to Wednesday night training

We all played badly - should have been 10-0

Great curry afterwards with a hospitable Winchester side pity about the previous evening's rugby


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