Guildford Hockey Club Est. 1912

Gondoliers v Amersham & Chalfont

 10th Dec 2015

Home game.

Played in red.

Turned up with 14 players excluding Brent who watched from the bar!

Score at half time 2-0 (Alistair and Nigel).

Final score 2-0.

Half our team said someone got sent off, the other half did not seem to know.

Gondos dominated the whole game but were frustrated at the end that we did not score more goals.  

Having too much time on the ball made us sloppy.

Brent Stato has us at 0.18 ahead of Oxford - who invented this scoring system?  He also assures us of a tough match against Oxted next week who are on a roll.

Could we be the league leaders at Christmas?

Other significant events during the game:

  • Regan (acting as Amersham's fifth column) demolished Sturgess who luckily survived with a black eye;
  • Manning (as always running around like a madman) pulled his usual muscle
  • Nick K is now known as two card Nick
  • Richards scored one of his hallmark goals with a no compromise diving sweep into the goal appearing out of nowhere. 


And a comment written in reply...

Thanks for that Mike, although I think the match report would be incomplete without a mention of your halftime talk/speech. It was inspiring, thorough, detailed and comprehensive, and ended when the umpires blew the whistle telling us the 2nd half was about to begin. Shame you never got to the 'we shall fight them on the beaches and in the streets...' bit.

Stato update: we are joint top with Oxford who - annoyingly - beat Woking at home. Good news is that Oxford don't seem to travel well and they are away to 3rd place Southampton on Jan 2nd. So it is imperative that we get a good turnout for Havant away so that we can reclaim our rightful place as outright leaders! No excuses are acceptable and any absences will be thoroughly scrutinised and subject to subsequent piss taking of the highest order.

Gondos 2.17

Oxford 2.17

Southampton 2.00

Oxted 1.67



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