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Gondoliers in another win this time v Horsham

 5th Dec 2015

So now clear water between the Gondos and the rest at the top of the league after our impressive 6-0 over Horsham.


The key determinant in our victory was the strong performance up the right hand side of the pitch, anchored by Tim, Steve and Chris, with Nick as the pivot and HP as the deadly sabre. Nigel had another good game slotting one or two goals as he continues to make up for his performance against Winchester, not that I can talk after I missed an absolute sitter after only two minutes. Brent was excellent, determined and effective up and down the left hand side. Chris, in the first half, alongside Tom dominated the midfield. Steve was full of energy as he seemed to play at the back, across the mid-field as well as chatting with Nige up front.


I have no idea who scored all the goals, though I do remember a real sizzler from HP and two from Nigel and one from Alistair.


This was a game that should have been in the Guinness Book of Records for a team that spent the most time in the oppo's 25. So confused were the opposition that they started passing to our forwards at 16 yd hits -Nigel squandered his gift but HP said thankyou very much and rattled the back boards. One Chris B nursed a twisted ankle for much of the game and the other Chris B volunteered to play on the oppo's wing.


The banter in the changing room after the game centred on Bottoms injured groin, Windsor-Lewis's hot flush (the result of unproductive strenuous efforts to get on the score sheet) and Chalmers risque pantomine production full of staged falls, panto dames, naughty words, double entendre's and faux pas (much like the Gondoliers hockey).

Happy Days.


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