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GU10 Goal Machine Back in Action

 8th Nov 2015

On Sunday the Meerkats headed to Surbiton for their second SEMH tournament of the year against 3 teams from the hosts, 1 from Indian Gymkhana (who instantly became known as the “horses”) and our teammates from Guildford, the Gazelles.

It was a packed schedule with 5 back to back matches of 10 minutes each. The girls did themselves proud again with 5 victories and no goals conceded. Wins of 3-0, 1-0 and 2-0 were recorded against Surbiton teams, followed by 4-0 against the GHC Gazelles and 3-0 against Indian Gym. Surbiton may have been playing mixed ability teams, so there is probably more to come from them and other teams, but a very promising performance from our girls nevertheless. 

We remembered our quick restarts from 16 yard hits and from the right sideline which regularly caught the opposition napping and let us take advantage of our good structure and width. Compared to the opposition, we passed the ball earlier and harder, with particular credit to Darcy for great distribution out to Aimee on the right and up the centre forward channel to Emily.  

We generally got a pretty good balance between passing and ball carrying, and most of the time cleared the ball wide from the back. If we had shot a bit earlier and firmer on occasion, we could probably have added another 2 or 3 goals to the tally. Against stronger teams, we are unlikely to be given so much space and will need better movement off the ball to offer good passing options for our teammates. All in good time! 

As the scorelines suggest, Hannah did not have a lot to do in goal much of the time, but all credit to her for maintaining her concentration and coming up with some good saves against the stronger Surbiton teams. To my relief, Emily had been to the sports shop since our last match and was sporting some very bright new yellow astros which kept her on her feet, dazzled the opposition, and helped her to put away 4 nice goals.  Very well done to all the girls!


Team: Hannah, Darcy, Imogen, Lauren, Charlotte, Sasha, Annabelle, Aimee, Emily

Coach: Tony Smith

      Guildford HC


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