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Gondoliers have the edge (twice) over Epsom

 17th Oct 2015

It was indeed a hard fought game keenly contested by both sides.

Eventually the difference between the sides came down to an unusual deflected strike from the edge of the circle that spilled towards the top of the crossbar and then ably assisted in at high level by Sturgess and a neatly executed short corner routine which was expertly side passed to Regan who drilled it in.

The game ebbed and flowed end to end and everyone participated. Our one man engine Alistair also managed to accidentally neutralise one of their key players with Miles showing that attendance to training sessions does make a difference. James in goal made some important blocks and saves.

This weekend signaled the end of any rugby related banter with the demise of all the home nations especially Wales which is probably a relief to Windsor- Lewis.


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