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Gondoliers Continue Winning Streak

 21st Mar 2015

Gondoliers won 4-2

Many Thanks to Brent for producing a timely  and pithy account of the day,  embellished with colourful cameos of noted Gondoliers


We won! 4-2 for our 6th consecutive victory. Not a great performance by any stretch but we battled hard and were deserved winners. Some opportunistic scoring from Sturgess, Hayley, Regan and HP and some stout defending from Savage (that’s a reference to his play not his waistline). Thanks to Andy for recruiting the Wokingham keeper, credit to everyone for telling him endlessly that we hope he’s sh*t next week.

Bigos talks a lot and ­ by his own admission ­ is a pain in the @rse. Having said that, he played well on the right and I now know who to go to if I ever want to sue someone.

Our streak has coincided with Bottoms' return from injury ­ conclusive proof that not all facts are related.

We are now 6th in the league thanks to our win and Haslemere losing to Woking while Horsham drew with Epsom.

If we win our last two we are guaranteed 6th place behind Oxford, Sevenoaks, Oxted, Southampton and Woking (not necessarily in that order).

If we were to win our last two matches and Woking were to lose all three of theirs we would finish 5th via alphabetical order. More chance of Arsenal winning the league, sadly.

Hockey is a game watched by gentlemen and played by gentlemen. And these gentlemen frequently change and shower in places more suited to livestock. On that note, I give you the Amersham and Chalfont changing rooms.

Getting a ride to the match with the Cranleigh mafia is a mixed bag. On the upside was the upscale motor with leather seats and no need to cut back on the post match drinking. On the downside was 40 minutes of Bigos, Gordon and Roberts nattering on about GHC finances and politics. The outcome ­ unsurprisingly ­ was that everyone involved hasn’t a clue and Bigos is the only one that can sort it out. And it may involve a lawsuit.


On to Wokingham with the streak poised at lucky 7!



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