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Gondoliers 2 - 1 Woking Pitts

 14th Mar 2015

Yes indeed, yet another victory - four in a row so far - a hard fought game against a reasonably strong Woking side (who beat us convincingly at the beginning of the season) and like the 1's and 2's (who are following in our footsteps) we are getting the benefit of our training regime.... which the first respondant added...

A one sentence match report which still manages to contain a glaring error.

It’s five in a row ­ Winchester, Sevenoaks, Oxford, Havant and Woking.



...and then came the second response...

Add to that moral victories against Horsham and Haslemere because we had no goalie and it was only giving back a lead against Epsom that spoils a comprehensive post Christmas response from the club seniors.

Can’t beat a good pair of rose-tinted spectacles!


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