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Shadows: Missing Kit, Gold Digging and Wandering Keeper

 8th Nov 2014

The morning of the game began with an email from Rob letting us know we had about 4 players available for the match. The lead up was disrupted further as Captain Organised forgot the kit, putting himself in the firing line for DOD before push-back - an impressive feat. Fortunately one by one more players turned up we started the game with a fairly strong looking starting 11...


It’s been a week now and so I can’t remember specifics of the game, so following on from Jimbo’s excellent match report structure, here are some highlights of the game:

  • Jim continued to test his theory that sliding tackles lead to MOM nominations (the theory proved false on the day).
  • Chris took a twist on Jim’s theory and attempted an awesome ‘superman’ dive to get on the scoresheet (the attempt failed, albeit narrowly)
  • Rolf (Ralf?) had an excellent game.
  • Copeland heard a rumour before the game that there was gold buried beneath the pitch so spent the entire 70 mins using his reverse stick to try and find it.
  • Marcus became so frustrated with the teams performance that he spent most of game coming so far out of his goal to try and influence the game, that the opposition captain asked me why our centre mid was wearing a full keeper kit.
  • Top scorer Luke managed to score another goal even when pushed from center forward to right back - he cannot be stopped.
  • There was a massive sausagefest after the game which we will all remember fondly.

In the end the Shadows fought well for a 3-2 win.


Scorers: Ian, Dave, Luke


DOD: Rob

MOM: Dave


GHC Logo full colour final

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