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Shadows told that "Green is Good"

 22nd Nov 2014

After a close away loss to Addiscombe the Shadows were up for the game against a mid table Epsom. With Rob the skipper away on Stag due duties it was up to Shadows Veteran Tom Copeland to motivate the team...

All seemed to be going well until 30 seconds when in Epsom had a shot on goal and were unlucky not to go 1-0 up. However after an early short corner was conceded Epsom did gain the lead. Minutes after that our heads dropped and a second goal was conceded through some handy stick work on the reverse stick. Several minutes later a lack of defending resulted in another scrappy goal against us.

Down but not beaten we charged up the opposition end and put in a goal to make it 3-1 and keep us in the game. Just when we were starting to get chances on goal Epsom smashed in a 4th goal to dent the score line even further.

After a motivational speech from Copeland on how the team should step up our game including the phrase “a green card is a good card” Guildford came out in the second half with a more aggressive attitude to the game. But with poor defending we conceded a 5th goal that sealed the game for Epsom early in the second half.  A special mention has to go to Tom Lyne for a spectacular aerial that went high and meters backwards towards our base line.

 MOM: Marcus Bentley (GK)

DOD: Chris Hunter (back stick yellow card)


GHC Logo full colour final

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