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Ladies 1s Win against Henley

 15th Mar 2014

Guildford  2 ­ - 1  Henley

The Ladies 1s faced Henley this week. This was once again a game that the Ladies were desperate to win to keep themselves out of relegation. It was a hot day and perfect weather to go out and win!

The game started with Guildford pressing hard and putting lots of pressure on Henley. The forwards were working hard on the press at the front and Henley were struggling to get the ball out of the back. Guildford looked the better side and kept getting into the D and trying to create opportunities. Guildfordcreated a few short corners, but the umpire did not seem to agree! Eventually Sarah Morris weaved her way into the D once again and did a diving reverse stick shot that went in at the far post. It was a superb goal!

Henley tried their best to reply to the goal, but our defence held fast. The lines were excellent and it was hard for Henley to get into the D. Kate Hutchins had agreed to play as Kirsty Farquar was away in New York. She played really well and Henley struggled to get the ball past her.

Guildford went into half time 1-0 up. Jenno told the ladies they could not rest on that and would have to keep working hard.

The second half started with Guildford looking a little shaky, but the nerves settled and we started to put the pressure back on. Henley had one particularly good player playing at left mid. She gave Kerry Jenkins a lot to do, but she worked really hard so that when she was beaten she had at least led the player into Kirsty Rostron who was able to tackle her. It was good team work.

Sarah Morris then weaved her way into the D again and rolled round looking for a short corner. She then realised that Henley had backed off her and she had space and time. She roofed the ball into the net and Guildford celebrated being 2-0 up!

There was still a lot of time to go and Henley started to put the pressure on to get some goals. Henley managed to win a short corner which they converted off the side of Kerry Jenkins' foot, who was running 'one.' The pressure was now on, as Henley believed that they could equalise and were up for it. With a few minutes to go, Henley were awarded a short corner for a clean tackle on their best player by Kirsty Rostron. The umpire thought the ball had hit her foot. Guildford appealed and the other umpire came over to say it was a clean tackle and should have been a 16 yard hit out since their player had tried to run over Kirsty. Guildford breathed a sigh of relief.

Henley however managed to win a short corner from the last attack of the game and with the final whistle gone, Henley tried to keep the ball in the D in order to score. Sarah Morris managed to clear the ball and the game ended at 2-1! Well done Guildford!

Now it is all to play for on Saturday. Guildford play Oxford Uni. Oxford Uni need to win this in order to win the league and Guildford need to win to secure staying in the league. Please turn up and support if you can. It is a home game at 13:30. We need you!


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