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Ladies 1s Win v Marlow

 15th Feb 2014

Ladies 1’s: Guildford  2  -  1 Marlow  

The Ladies 1s had a home fixture against Marlow on the 15th and the weather was not looking promising! We needed to win again to stay out of the relegation zone and Marlow were trying to secure their mid-table position. Surbiton had been losing as their international players were away, so, Guildford needed all the points they could get to stay ahead of Oxford who were playing Surbiton...

The game started fairly evenly and Guildford looked a little nervous. We made a few mistakes up front and in the midfield, but at least were getting the defensive lines right. We settled down after about ten minutes and started to push back at Marlow.

Halfway into the first half the forwards got into Marlow’s D and managed to get a shot off at the goal keeper. She fumbled the save right into the path of Georgia who put it away in the back of the net. Guildford were up 1-0. Marlow tried their best to level the score, but Guildford kept their lines solid and Marlow could not break through.

It was 1-0 to Guildford at half time.

Guildford came out ready to win and Marlow tried their best to level the score. Marlow got into the Guildford D about 10 minutes into the second half and this time it was the Guildford keeper's turn to make a mistake. She mis-kicked a weak bouncy attempt at goal and the ball dribbled over the line into the goal. Very disappointing but Guildford were determined to take the lead again.

The weather turned and the rain got heavier and icier. The wind was blowing the ice into the players' faces and after a few players and coaches complained the umpires stopped the game for five minutes until it blew over.

The players came out and Marlow put on a big attack trying to win the game. They nearly succeeded when the ball hit the post. Guildford woke up and turned on the gas again. A well co-ordinated attack down the right led to a result. The ball came out of the back to Kerry Jennings who passed the ball to Clare H. Clare drove into the 25 and passed the ball to Verity Philips in the D who put the ball in the goal. Guildford were 2-1 up!

Guildford managed to hold onto the lead and finished the game at 2-1. This was a much needed win for Guildford as unfortunately Oxford managed to beat Surbiton who were missing most of their best players. This means Guildford are still not safe and need to keep fighting for every point they can get. Watch this space!!

Kirst Rostron


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