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Ladies 1s Win!

 25th Jan 2014

Guildford Ladies 1s  1 - 0  Oxford

At the start of this game, the Ladies 1s were second from bottom and needing to win to get out of the relegation zone. The ladies were ready for it and really wanted to win.

We started well and created many opportunities on goal. Young Robyn B (13) had several chances and tried her best, but could not manage to convert any of her opportunities.

We managed to get a short corner not long into the first half, but Verity Philips was not able to convert it. Oxford kept pressing and the Guilford defence was under a lot of pressure. They managed to keep Oxford out of the D most of the time and conceded very few short corners. Maddie wasn’t too busy as the team worked very hard in defence from the front to the back to make it difficult for Oxford.

Just before half time we managed to get another short corner and this time Verity hit the ball on target low right and converted the opportunity.

Guildford went into half time 1-0 up.

We came out on to the pitch really pumped up to keep up the win. Oxford also came on strong trying hard for an equaliser. Again the Guildford defence soaked up the pressure. Kerry Jennings did particularly well marking a very skilful left mid. She never stopped reacting to turnover and sprinting back to get in front of her player.

Guildford managed to get another short corner and Verity struck it well. It was sailing in just over the keeper’s pads and would have touched the back board, when Robyn B deflected it into the net. Unfortunately the umpire deemed the shot to be too high and disallowed the goal.

Oxford created a few chances but overall the defence held them out of the D and Guildford went on to get a well-deserved 1-0 win.

Well played ladies!

Kirsty Rostron


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