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GU16s Score a few against Alton U18s

 25th Oct 2020

Once it was apparent that the biblical rain was not going to wash out the game, it was a good opportunity for the Guildford team to try and get back to winning after a tough few recent fixtures.  

With a stand-in keeper in Martha, who usually plays outfield, it was going to add an extra challenge, but Guildford need not have worried as Martha looked very good in goal making a number of good saves throughout the game. 

Guildford got into their stride in the game earlier than Alton and won a number of penalty corners, which unfortunately came to nothing, but the practice the earlier penalty corners had given them was put to good use as a quick shift from first receiver to Claudia saw Guildford take the lead. 

Guildford followed that up with another goal from a penalty corner as Emily shifted the ball neatly to her reverse and slammed home a cracking shot. The game opened up a little after that with the Guildford defence working hard and Martha was called upon to make another save, but it was Guildford that finished the first half stronger forcing the Alton keeper to make a number of very good saves.  

The second half started a little more scrappily with the Guildford defence having a few loose moments, one of which in particular nearly lead to an Alton shot creeping in. But Guildford set up some nice attacks on the counter and after a good advantage was played in the D there was an enormous scramble on the goal line with Guildford eventually forcing the ball home. Who got the final touch is anyone’s guess!  

Guildford were encouraged by this goal and kept the pressure on with Emily once again showing her reverse shot skills to take Guildford 4-0 up. The game was very open by this point with plenty of entertainment for the spectators and Guildford got their final goal after a cracking initial pass by Imo into the D which was well received by Robyn whose subsequent shot was probably going in but Bella made sure from about a foot out from the goal. 

The game remained open thereafter but Guildford saw it out relatively easily to take an encouraging and entertaining 5-0 win.   


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