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Long Story to get to 1-0 for the 6th XI

 17th Oct 2020

The headline here is that we won 1:0 - but the game is a much longer story...

Mainly about being prepared for unusual umpiring at which there was plenty to marvel. I was very proud of all the team because no-one queried a single whistle and despite me leaping up and down on the sidelines, the team remained calm and took it all in their stride. No mean feat!!  A good lesson all round.

On the pitch we started well and were attacking from the first whistle: near misses by the back post from Eloise, Cathy was nearly clobbered by the goalie, Emily and Liza both had good shots saved by the goalie or the post (or both) and Libby also came close to getting the ball over the line.

At the other end, Angela commanded the defence as always - lots of great instructions to her troops - Sine, Lucy, Helena and Jess - who all tracked their players, marked tightly and prevented most of the shots being taken. The shots that did get through were well saved by Isabelle with the ball sent back up the pitch.

In the midfield Dominique, Liza, Rachel and Greta all retrieved the ball and tackled back repeatedly. We had so many good saves by the Sunbury keeper in the second half it looked like the stalemate would continue right up to the final whistle. Then a great hit from Emily gave us our winning goal and tremendous relief all round - not least Stuart who had watched the umpires with great interest all game! Great effort from everyone and we were unlucky not to have scored a few more - especially Liza who hit the post three times!



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